Who is Sunday Times backpage model Jennifer Petersen?

Jennifer Pietersen Sunday Times backpage modelStart your engines: Johannesburg model Jennifer Petersen poses with a 1960s Morris Minor, one of the 70 vintage models on display at the 60th anniversary celebration of the small British car that won the affection and admiration of a generation of car owners, at the Emerald Casino Resort this month.

Who the heck is this girl? When I first looked at the photo she looked like  Gabriella Davids from Cape Town. So if you know the background story or where I can find more photos of her, post your comment below.

Since this blog was posted the orinigal photo has been removed.


Gina Athans’ kiss and tell with 007's Daniel Craig

Flashbacks of a Fool Daniel CraigLocal beauty Gina Athans became the envy of women around the world when she and 007 actor Daniel Craig shared a “juicy kiss” during an intimate on-screen romp.

The Johannesburg-born model ditched her squeaky clean image for the movie, Flashbacks of a Fool, sniffing cocaine and quaffing champagne as Craig’s on-screen junkie lover, Apple.

The film, which was shot around Cape Town last year, premiered in London last week.

Athans described the love scene between Craig and herself as “very, very intimate”. “We were filming and Daniel just kissed me, we never even rehearsed it … We just kind of went with the flow and did it so well that we didn’t have to redo the scene once,” she said.

The actor, who bowled audiences over as the suave super-spy James Bond in Casino Royale, took time out from filming his latest 007 movie, Quantum of Solace, to attend the movie premiere, which saw thousands of fans flock to Leicester Square.

Athans glowed in a sequenced black Diane von Furstenberg gown, and appeared in high spirits – six months after her divorce from Jordanian billionaire, Eyhab Jumean. The couple’s split was announced after Jumean was photographed frolicking with Paris Hilton on the eve of their second anniversary.

“I’m back on track and proud that I walked away with my head held high,” said Athans.

Anyway here’s the trailer for the movie:


God only writes best sellers, You are the Star

Don’t say you’re not important
It simply isn’t true
The fact that you were born
Is proof God has a plan for you.

The path may seem unclear right now
But one day you will see
That all that came before
Was truly meant to be

God wrote the book that is your life
That’s all you need to know
Each day that you are living
Was written long ago

God only writes best sellers
So be proud of who you are
Your character is important
In this book you are the

Peace be upon you

I have great pleasure in sharing the above poem with you which I received many years ago. At that time I was asking the “W” questions, “Why was I born? Why am I suffering? Why is my life so difficult? Why am I always miserable, depressed, crying, Why, Why, Why?

I did not see the plan ALLAH had for me

Many years later I was guided to do Reiki, which I knew nothing about except that it is was “something of the
unknown”. After the first level, I just “knew” this was for me. I did not fear the unknown and I loved the spiritual contact. I plunged on and on ……………………………

Within a year I completed the Reiki Master/Teacher level.

Six months later, I resigned from my secure job and took another great plunge into the unknown. I wrote two big and bold affirmations (Clever Women Work From Home & World Headquarters for the Joyfully Jobless) and stuck them on a wall where I could see them all day long. I remained “Joyful” while Jobless”. I realized all that came before was truly meant to be

Nine months later I taught my first Reiki class, and in the process gave birth to my first “Reiki Babies” I AM proud of who I AM

Today, 01 April, 2008, I found the above poem. Glancing through my diary I realize, in January of the current year, 2008, I had written in big bold letters I “SHINE” ……… I AM A ……… “STAR”

Write the best seller of your life.

Be guided by Allah/God and the Power of his Spiritual Life Force energy called Reiki. YOU ARE ALL STARS