Jena Dover, eTV Scandal Actress, shares Beauty Secrets

Jena Dover, eTV Scandal ActressThis is an interview with one of South Africa’s up and coming actresses. She is set to take the movie world by storm as she matures into new acting roles over time…

Anyway here’s a new interview from The Citizen newspaper…

Faatema Ismael (FI): How important is health and beauty to you?

Jena Dover (JD): I believe beauty and health are very closely linked. Getting enough rest and treating your body with respect are vital.

If you start there it can only enhance the beauty aspect. I get my favourite treatments done once a month.

FI: Most of us have days when we wake up and just don’t feel attractive.

Does this ever happen to you? If so, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

JD: Every day! To feel better, I get my eyebrows tinted and threaded, and give my lashes a quick curl with an eyelash curler.

I feel instantly glamorous.

FI: When you aren’t working or attending events, what is your beauty routine?

JD: I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and moisturiser, a little concealer, mascara and gloss.

I get a blow wave and I’m out the door.

FI: How do you keep in shape?

JD: I work out three times a week with my trainer. Women have to do weights. It’s so important!

FI: Your number one beauty secret is….

JD: Eyebrow threading. It’s an ancient Indian technique and it is by far the best money I spend on myself each month.

No more horrid tweezers.

FI: Best beauty advice you have ever received?

JD: To dab a little shimmer down the centre of my nose for a J-Lo glow. But I call it the J-Do glow!

source: The Citizen, 28 July 2008


Cherese Nolan from Jacaranda 94.2FM features in FHM

Just Plain Breakfast “Apprentice” Cherese Nolan features in very little more than her birthday suit in the June edition of FHM. Why did the Jacaranda 94.2 weather girl decide to do it? It was a publicity stunt and a dare!

Just Plain Breakfast producer Dean hatched the plan. After some persuasion Cherese, also a part-time belly dancer, capitulated. The shoot took place in March and is featured in the latest FHM edition which is on shelves now. This is what Cherese told Buzz.

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Enlightened Buddha Prayer

Beyond the beliefs of any one religion,
there is the truth of the human spirit.
Beyond the power of nations,
there is the power of the human heart.
Beyond the ordinary mind, the power of wisdom,
love, and healing energy are at work in the universe.
When we find peace within our hearts,
we contact these universal powers.
This is our only hope.

Our only hope is to find peace within our hearts.

Is finding peace within our hearts an illusion? Is finding peace within our hearts possible? If finding peace within our hearts is not an illusion, then how is it possible to find peace within our hearts?

The power of the human heart is Love.

Is the power of love in the human heart an illusion? Is the power of love in the human heart possible? If the power of love in the human heart is not an illusion, then how is the power of love in the human heart possible?

Love and healing energy are at work in the universe.

Universal power is love and healing energy.

The human spirit is truth.

The power of wisdom is beyond the ordinary mind.

What the above means is simply this:
Still your ordinary mind
Connect with the human spirit
Connect with the power of wisdom beyond.
The Universal power of love and healing energy is found all around us
Peace and love resides deep within the heart.

This is the truth.

My Truth
I have this passion for healing
I feel this deep within my Soul. I cannot escape this feeling.
When I go through my learning spurts
My bones, body and heart aches.
I cry, I wonder why?
I find the answers deep within
The aches and pains disappear.
Once again my heart is filled with love and peace.




Attached is the programme from 25 July – 31 August 2008: programme-23july-31aug08

If you would like to attend any of the Healing Modalities during the week, please call me on 021 7624005.


Zaida Ahmed


Shashi Naidoo on the Von Vodcast

Sex Shashi Naidoo indian South African model from Port ElizabethI was playing pool at Stones in Long Street last week Saturday evening with my friend G, a graphic designer. He was showing me around the infamous Long Street with its endless string of clubs and restaurants. There was a great vibe this Stones unlike the last time in Johannesburg. Anyway here’s a her Miller campaign from about a year or two ago.

Anyway recently she was interviewed on the Von Vodcast….

She has graced our tv screens as a presenter on the 20something show. She has acted in popular local sitcom Egoli and made the FHM sexiest in the world list. Now Shashi talks to Jason von Berg about her modeling agency, drama and what it takes to make it in her industry.