Talking with Tatum Keshwar in Cape Town

Article By: Thamar Houliston

Fri, 06 Feb 2009 08:19

Tatum Keshwar, Miss South Africa 2009 Durban modelTatum Keshwar — the newly-crowned Miss South Africa — is a strong, dynamic and beautiful young woman, who only two months into her reign, has already established herself as an inspiration. Speaking to Tatum I realised that she certainly recognises her role as the new Miss South Africa, but also knows what’s most important — her close friends and family.

Hailing from Durban, the 25-year-old model is passionate about all things local, which is why she’s coming to Cape Town this weekend (7-8 February) for the Cape Town Tens tournament, taking place at Hamilton Rugby Club. Talking about being ‘rooted’, she says that her role-models all rank as strong South African businesswomen who have established themselves in South Africa. Although there’s a long list of local women who inspire her, Tatum says the two she would say who are at the top of her list are Basetsana Khumalo (who she got to spend a little time with at this last weekend’s J&B Met) and Jo-Ann Strauss.

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