FHM Lingerie Special 2008

Maybe I’m just behind with the times. However, I recently merged my VivaDivas.com modelling industry blog with my personal blog, to bring more readers into one place. And it seems to be working. Maybe you wondering what does Ramon Thomas, a professional speaker, have to do with models or the modelling industry? One of my unknown accomplishments was being the life coach to Tatum Keshwar, Miss South Africa 2008/2009. And I’ve seen been in discussion with other like South African supermodel Tanit Phoenix, and lesser known models.

In the FHM Lingerie Special 2008, shot at Bishop’s Bay, the Vaal, South Africa. Featuring Lyndall Jarvis, Rosette Mogomotsi, Jennifer Pietersen and Catherine Reiter. So if you wanna get into FHM and believe you need some coaching. Call me on 081 4399 555 for a friendly chat.