Battle of Black Beauties – Bonang Matheba vs Nonhle Thema

Bonang Matheba FHM cover girl | YFMThe latest column by my friend, the irreverent, Khaya Dlanga, entitled “I’m Nonhle Thema, Bitch!” is bound to raise eyebrows. It prompted me to write this blog because it’s been on a my mind for a while i.e. a comparison between the who black celebs.

For a long time I’ve been connected to Nonhle Thema on Twitter, and her Facebook. We’ve never met but we’ve interacted a little bit on the social networks. Currently Nonhle has 46,445 followers on her Twitter account. On the other hand Bonang Matheba has 65,767 followers on her Twitter. Now on Facebook it looks even more dramatic because Nonhle Thema page only has 28,456 Likes, while Bonang’s page has a spectacular 202,778 LIKES.

These two are both television stars – meaning they are famous for being famous. Neither has won any beauty pageants, neither has won any acting awards. They host tv shows for God sake. Both have been featured in FHM South Africa. And it’s here where Bonang seems to have pulled ahead by getting the first cover shoot.

From everything I’ve noticed it seems Bonang has the more down to earth appeal of the masses. Nonhle’s constant rants on Twitter e.g. “I dare any broke yfm dj to step up to me…if you are broke sit down or i wll give you rent and food money….LOL.” This is a reference to Bonang who’s been a YFM DJ for a while now.

We cast our vote for Bonang for maintaining her sense of cool on all the meaningless curfullel online.

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  • theefistlaidee

    not even an analysis was required. Be seemz 2stil hv ha head 2getha,Nonhle 0n da otha hand has alreadi lost da plot losin ha ol credibility

  • annah sibanda

    i think Nomhle is too ful of herself as for Bonang i respect her 4 wat she does , she inspires me a lot bigs up 2 her

  • Pinkpanther

    Nonhle is a retard who thinks that having 10million in her account makes her a better person than everyone else. Fame got to her head. We have all heard of silly celbrities with their millions, but fame always got the worst of them and we dont even see them in the streets anymore, let alone tv screens. So she must not burn her bridges, she might want to cross one rainy day. She seems like a smart woman so i hope she’s also smart enuff to take advice. Bonang on the other hand seems to be handling it very well, with class, i admire her. She laughs a lot and has a sense of humour. #JUSTB#

  • thobeka sithole

    Nonhle needs 2 take a chill pill before she lose everythng that she’s bragging about…we know she’s got money the hole world doesn’t need 2 know all about it..

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  • Precious

    Truly love Bonang, B rocks, she’s so classy and professional, infact she’s one of the celebrities i’d love to dress one day…im currently studyn fashion design yourl. Nonhle on the other hand needs to be b#tch slapd…she may not see it but in actual fact she’s shaming her mother.

  • Patiance sei

    N0nhle needs 2 chill a bit, shz jst 2 full of hrslf

  • Nonhlanhla

    I thnk nontle is nothing compared 2 bonang,

  • Nonhlanhla

    I thnk nontle is nothing compared 2 bonang,bonang rocks

  • Tandaza

    Oh ! No Nonhle is 2 old nd her face has plites hahahahaha! Lol she needz 2 chill knw ( Tee lvs Mrs B)

  • Lisakhanya

    Nonhle is prettier than bonang but I think personality wise Bonang is better than Nonhle, she is too arrogant!

  • Millz

    Both bitchies are very b-u-tiful but Nonhle u need chill and stop being so damn arrogant and paranoid. Bee# u keep makin us proud i know your mama proud of u but i don think Nohle even knows where her mama is, if she still alive that is!

  • Bonang u hv a beutiful body while u minie u hv a bd voice, unoba umnadi bonang e bedini

  • Nahi

    Maybe she should start buying her mom a mansion, not that house with a kitchen small enough to be my bathroom. Instead of critisizing Bonang, she should ask for some tips on how to make her apartment more beautiful like a millionar she’s calling herself. Bonang Rockks inside and outside!!!

  • Nahi

    Ka Sesotho we say, O molomo o mobe ngwananyana.

    • 2011044555

      ke mang ya nang le molomo o mobe?

  • hey , pliz pips both ladies r beautiful on who is rich i cant comment

  • Www Lebohangmoila

    bonang is the boss,nonhle sould just let B do her thing

  • 2011044555

    Bonang is cute. I love her & she has a nice personality.

  • Yolanda Yole Giwu

    Bonang is sexy,beautiful and subtle……I love you.
    nontle is beautiful,jelouse and rude……I hate you



  • Siba

    Well we all just love Bonang:))) she acts her age and is down 2 earth!!! Then we get nonhle who acts her shoe size…#huge sigh gosH…get over yourself you aint that hot…you making yourself worse sana!!!

    Bonang Matheba_you were raised well! Your parents are proud of you. You manage to keep your values and morals.