High Flyer interview with Chiano Sky

Chiano Sky South African female singer At 18-years-old, South African singer, Chiano Sky is already making a name for herself.

1. You’re 18-years-old and your first hit single, ‘Sick Sick’ has been snapped up by radio stations and TV. Is it ever overwhelming?
Yes, I still can’t believe what a lucky fish I am.

2. Becoming a recognised artist in the South African music industry is never easy. How do you measure your success?
Through the efforts I put in and the recognition I gain from it.

3. Did modelling teach you anything about succeeding in the music industry?
Yes, it taught me to be more confident, secure with myself and to accept criticism.

4. You’re described as provocative. Is this how you see yourself?
I am ? 😉

5. Some say you could be South Africa’s answer to a young Dita Von Teese in terms of style. Is there anyone who inspires you fashion-wise?
Love Dita Von Teese. I also like Jesse J and Gwen Stefani.

6. What’s your number one tip for a COSMO girl when it comes to:
a.) Relationships: If you’re my age, follow your dreams, not a man.
b.) Makeup: Always take your makeup off before bed – no matter how late you partied that night.
c.) Fashion: Be spontaneous and wear something you wouldn’t normally wear.
d.) Social Media: Try not to get lost in it.

7. Would you rather write a song about a boyfriend or about a secret crush? What would the first line of each song be?
A secret crush. It’s a lot more fun when no one knows who you’re talking about. The first line: ‘My soul is lacking your spirit baby, my body is lacking your touch’.

8. If you could record with one artist, both locally and an international star, who would you choose and why?
Locally: Shadowclub. They’ve got that whole rock ‘n roll thing going on. Internationally: Mick Jagger. He’s the bee’s knees.

9. Your album is set for release in March 2012. What can fans expect?
To have a peek through the window to my soul.

10. What advice can you give to the COSMO girl who wants to start a career in music in this country?
Stick to your guns and go into this industry with a bang! Can’t go wrong 🙂

source: Cosmopolitan South Africa

Watch the official music video for Chiano Sky’s single, ‘Sick, Sick’ below