Candice Swanepoel unfazed by banned advert

Candice Swanepoel banned New York advert SUPERMODEL Candice Swanepoel yesterday called her latest ultra-hot shoe advertisement – which got banned in New York – “just another day in the office”.

Both the television and print advertisements from the model – who originally comes from Durban, but now living in The Big Apple – got banned for being “too sexy”.

Forget Lady Gaga’s Fame Fragrance campaign (which sees the pop star fully nude with itsy-bitsy men running all over to cover her private parts) – Swanepoel’s blue-lit advert resembles a sex party.

South African supermodel Candice Swanepoel banned New York adWith luminous red lipstick, her hair pulled back and in nothing but black knee-high strap boots, Swanepoel walks into a dark room, sits down and watches people engaging in sex on multi TV screens, before she engages in a fully naked orgy of her own.

If the suggestive music does not raise temperatures, the sight of Swanepoel writhing around in a bed and then on a couch with chiselled men will.

The New York Post reported that aside from the huge banner of the advert, which is also in September magazines, being banned by the Madison Avenue building, even the PG version of the advert was considered to be too smutty for the backseat of a New York taxi as it was “rejected” by “city taxi rear-seat TVs”.

In March street wear brand Zoo York’s advert featuring 20-year-old US model Kate Upton was banned by MTV and Adult Swim Network because of an “erect nipple” and some uses of profane language

source: PE Herald / The Times and photos: 2OceansVibe


Facebook Rapist and the Black Pearl Thusi

Black Pearl Thusi Facebook rapistHer encounter with the Facebook rapist seems to be haunting Real Goboza host Pearl Thusi. After Pearl was apprehended by the police on the red carpet during an SABC1 event for questioning relating to the Facebook rapist, she allegedly promised to show police the house that convicted Facebook rapist Thabo Bester took her to in Carletonville.

A source says instead of arriving to take them to the house, Pearl apparently pitched at Hillbrow police station with a lawyer. “Pearl’s been giving authorities the run-around. This is too suspicious. What is it that she’s hiding?” asks the source.

The police are also apparently looking for a weapon used by the Facebook rapist that is apparently in Pearl’s possession, according to our source.

Ironically, in an interview with a weekly magazine Pearl indicated that she did not return the knife that Thabo Bester threatened her with. When called for comment her phone rang endlessly. We then sent her an SMS to query the allegation but she had not responded by the time of going to print.

source: Drum magazine, 26 July 2012

How smooth was this Thabo Bester character to seduce multiple women over Facebook? I wonder how much flattery he used on them or whether he had some other special skills of seduction. On the other hand you can just imagine what makes a supposed celebrity model like Pearl Thusi fall for a Facebook character like this. Surely she has enough men chasing her to fall for the previously unknown Facebook rapist.