Tanit Phoenix on her love of cars

Tanit Phoenix in stockingsSupermodel Tanit Phoenix talks to The Big Issue about racing cars, being a tomboy, and starring in Death Race: Inferno.

The title of the new film you’re in – Death Race: Inferno – probably sums everything up quite nicely, but where does the film pick up the continuing Death Race saga?

Should I give it all away? I don’t want to give it all away if people haven’t seen it. Frankenstein, obviously he was burnt in the second film so we don’t really know if he survived and we’re all racing for our lives, basically. I wasn’t able to go to the première in Los Angeles, so if there are any questions about the entire film, I can’t answer…

Do you want me to tell you what happens?

No, I know what happens.

He wins. Frankenstein wins. All the drivers are macho guys with an exotic female navigator. Is that because women aren’t good drivers in general?

I think that’s nonsense. But I guess they wanted some pretty girls in the cars next to the guys. Although in this film you have a female team. There is a blonde Swedish team racing. That was really cool.

They don’t do very well though…

No, they don’t. I was upset that I didn’t get to race. I said: “I want to drive this time round – give me the keys to the car!” But they wouldn’t have it.

Would you beat all the guys if you were racing?

Absolutely. My father used to race cars. I like racing, too. But I get to do some action-packed cool stuff – you see me climbing out of the car and shooting a Gatling gun at some of the other cars. I can handle myself pretty well.

Racing and fighting aren’t things you automatically associate with a supermodel.

This is something that people don’t know. My boyfriend [District 9 star Sharlto Copley] takes me to the firing range, where I shoot a lot of different types of guns. It’s really awesome to be able to handle such a powerful tool – and very scary at the same time. You need to have respect for what you’re doing because you could really hurt somebody.

So you’re a better driver than the rest of the cast and better with guns as well…

If you put me on a track I have no fear, that’s the problem. It’s all second nature to me. I’m really a tomboy underneath it all.

source: The Big Issue magazine


Face to face with Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi black model SABC1PEARL Thusi is the hottest kid on the block right now. She has sex appeal that leaves men weakened, looks, style and flawless diction – and acting ability to boot.

She’s the fantasy of every man who watches SABC1. So it was no wonder that I was filled with uncertainty when I had to interview “her prettiness”.

Before meeting Thusi I hadn’t known what to expect from this model. Zero personality? A vague aloofness bordering on truculence? Overpowering character? Airs and graces? But all these fears evaporated within 30 seconds of my meeting her.

It turned out that the lady from KwaNdengezi in KwaZulu-Natal was as sweet as cinnamon and sugar.

Does she think she is hot? “I don’t know. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people think I’m pretty,” she says coyly. She adds that she is the only yellow bone in her family.

The moment I was born everyone was shocked at the way I looked. Apparently I have the genes of one of my great-grandmothers who was half black and half white,” she says.

When I was growing up my family members used to tease me about the fact that I was lighter than everyone else. At school, kids used to tease me about the way I looked. I realised there was nothing wrong with me when I won beauty contests.

When it comes to my work, being light-skinned has worked wonders for me; though in some cases it worked against me,” the former Miss KZN says.

Black Pearl Thusi TV presenterThusi, who lost her mother in 2004, says she adopted something from various mothers, including Basetsana Khumalo, who is her spiritual mother and her best friend’s mother. She has a growing number of accomplishments and a long parade of magazine covers, commercials, an Real Goboza (RGB) co-host, Zone 14 actress, the list goes on and on.

Thusi has every right to be smug about her high-profile career. But this woman remains grounded and does not seem to get carried away by the glitz of the showbiz industry that brought her stardom.

My grandmother, who passed away last year, was a born-again woman of serious prayer. If I wanted something to happen I would tell her because I knew she would pray and it would happen. She taught me to love the Lord and to be grounded.”

Thusi, who is a born-again Christian herself, says her spiritual homes are Rhema, Grace House, My Father’s House and The Church of Holy Ghost, depending on where she is.

This looker says she never in her wildest dreams thought she was going to get to present RGB. But she was no stranger to TV when Real Goboza came knocking at her door. So it came as no surprise when she replaced Brenda Ngxoli.

Her new role has not been smooth sailing. She rubbed some people the wrong way when she revealed that a well-known DJ was having an affair with the wife of a hip-hop artist.

“When I was called to audition I was shocked. I was floored when they told me I got the job. I’m enjoying every minute of it. This job has taught me to respect and have empathy for journalists. Working with celebs is not easy. It is interesting how people react when they see a camera.”

Her love life? Thusi, who is cagey about the man in her life right now, has a 5-year-old daughter with former sports presenter Walter Mokoena. The two have since gone their separate ways.

We met way back before I was famous. We broke up because we did not feel the same way we used to feel. He is a loving father, though. My daughter sees him as her hero. Whenever she feels threatened by someone, she tells them her dad will deal with them.”

Thusi’s dream? “I dream of doing movies one day in which I will work with big names. At the moment I am concentrating on my studies at Unisa and working on getting a degree,” the former Wits University student says.

I want to push myself to the absolute limit. I really feel like I’ve only just begun.”

source: Sowetan


Angels sizzle for Valentine's Day

Candice Swanepoel in Red LingerieCandice Swanepoel and a posse of Victoria’s Secret Angels are making lingerie shopping a little easier for men this Valentine’s Day. Easier on their eyes, that is because they all look like angels sent from above.

The busty (and leggy) model joins other Angels, including Namibean Behati Prinsloo, for the brand’s Valentine’s Day 2013 campaign. There’s nothing more romantic for a man than seeing his special lady in lingerie that brings out her naughty side.

Lacy panties and tastefully sculpted bras, corsets and even pajamas in the range are candy-red and hot-pink, with a little bit of leopard print and flower-embroidery referencing cheeky and vintage themes respectively.

Candice Swanepoel Victoria's Secret AngelSouth African born Candice Swanepoel has been seen hanging out at big Superbowl events recently, including posing alongside male fragrance AXE’s spaceman. She has also just been shooting a swimwear campaign for Victoria’s Secret in St Barts, an island in the Caribbean.

source: iAfrica.com