ChianoSky Joburg singerIt’s diverse and has lots of variety. I don’t want any song to sound the same, there’s something there for everyone,” says singer ChianoSky about her latest album “Hungry”. Her debut hit singles Sick Sick and “Walking Away” are only a small part of what you can expect on this jazzy come electronica album. “We wanted to play. I think I’m being really honest, naughty and fun,” she says, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself bopping your head and singing along (we certainly did)!

As gorgeous in real life as she looks on her album cover, singer ChianoSky is the kind of girl you could see as your bestie – cute, bubbly, friendly and oh so sweet (when she orders her hot chocolate her eyes simply light up.) Although you’re bound to be jealous of those perfectly pout lips, flawless skin and long sleek dark hair – wouldn’t it be fun to share those clothes?

We don’t know about you, but after hearing her singles, we’ve been dying to get our hands on her entire album! So why did she take so long to launch it? “I didn’t want to bring out an album I wasn’t proud of. I wanted to bring something that I would want to spend money on.” And we’re so glad she took her time. A mix of jazz, pop and electronica, ChianoSky worked with different producers on the album to ensure there was a playful element. “There’s never a direct process to it. Coming up with songs happens spontaneously – I often just record things on my phone.

So what can’t this singing sensation live without? “My music book“, where she documents pretty much everything, “red lippy,” of course, “my music collection and my Diana camera,” which she received recently from a friend. And what makes this natural GLAMazon feel GLAM? “When I really curl my hair, I feel like Diana Ross and a good pair of heels – if you buy a good pair of shoes, wear them!”

ChianoSky’s album, “Hungry” is on sale now! See her music video for her hit single, “Sick Sick” below:

source: Glamour Magazine