black model skin problem on faceHere’s some advice for black girls with skin problem on their face. I’ve spoken to a Sh’zen skincare consultant with > 10 years experience in working with women with these kinds of problems and here’s her advice.

From what I see in the pictures she will definitely need to use our Natural Essence Range of products which is for the more oily to acne prone skin type

Please note that she will need to use the whole range of Natural Essence products but can build this up slowly month by month. It is also not a quick fix – once she starts using the products the healing process will start and initially will detox her skin so her skin very well might look worse before it gets better – but that is a good sign as detox is essential to healing

Black model with oily skin problemThe reason for this is that the products will first get rid of all impurities in the skin and only once that has happened will her skin start looking better and start healing. She will of course then start having a beautiful looking skin

Good news is that some of the products are on special every month and she can take advantage of that. Firstly I would suggest she start with the Natural Essence Purifying wash which is essential to clean the face of all impurities – this was on special for June 2013 in the Sh’zen brochures. Same aplies to the Clearing Lotion which is a brilliant product for pimples – She needs to apply this at night to get rid of the pimples.

Some other Sh’zen products I recommend on special in July 2013 is the Mattifying day cream which she will need to use daily and also has an SPF of 30 as well as the Skin Life oil to heal and balance the sebum output which is essential for oily skins

Hope this helps all black girls with skin problems on face. To get Sh’zen Natural Essence skincar range, call our office on 081 4399 555.