MODEL, actress and entrepreneur Shashi Naidoo may be one of South Africa’s busiest beauties but being a brand ambassador for Cotlands children organisation has left her feeling broody.

Shashi Naidoo says work with children has inspired her. Picture by Sibusiso Msibi“You can’t help but fall in love with those kids every time you see them. I’ve reached that age where I’ve become broody,” says the 32-year-old. “I’m so ready to have children but I don’t want to be a single mom.”

Naidoo, who is back in the dating game after her failed marriage to Marc Sandler, says having a relationship in the public eye has proved challenging. “Couples have fights and break-ups and get back together again and the public think ‘why did you get back together’, but sometimes the reasons portrayed in the media are not 100% true.”

She says her failed marriage has left her more cautious.

And how does she plan to keep her current relationship out of the public eye? “I’ll tell you when I figure that out,” she laughs.

“This time I want to be 100% sure.”

Naidoo then talks about her favourite, minestrone soup, that she had earlier in the day and likens it to her eagerness to dive right into things without checking the temperature first.

“I always burn my tongue. I always jump into things right away,” she confesses. “I don’t know why, maybe it’s part of my personality.”

But Naidoo is in love and at a happier place and says matrimony will be an option again when the time is right.

“After my divorce, I was based in India for six months and wanted a spiritual retreat but I ended up working,” she says.

A day in her life sees her focussing on running her model agency Alushi, which has grown to managing 400 models in the past five years.

She also attends events and personally delivers profiles to clients.

“My clients are always shocked to see me personally arrive to deliver the profiles of my models. I guess that is what it entails when you run your own business. I’m the driver and the receptionist.

“My dream is for Alushi to be the best agency in South Africa,” she says.

Appearances at events are important for her as she uses those opportunities to promote her work with Cotlands.

“Instead of having a Twitter war with someone, I’d rather tweet about a good cause.

“Maybe after a year or two you won’t see me at events as I plan to get back to my love and passion, which is acting and presenting,” she says.

source: Sunday World