QnA with MUA – Nadine Fredericks


What is the number one tip you would give women on the street? – Always use a good moisturizer,so that your Foundation can stay on the whole day…it also prepare the face for foundation

Do you think there is a make up trend that is UTH specific? – The winged eye with the liquid eyeliner then off course the biggest trend now is the deep purple color lipstick the matte one

What are your predictions on what makeup look will be hot this winter? -Definitely warm earthy colors….which can also be trending is deep charcoal…..for lips deep red or either deep brown…that almost go to black for the blush that almost have a bronze effect

How does a woman who doesn’t have a personal makeup artist achieve that sculpted look? – A sculpted look can occur if you use either make-up brushes or makeup sponges..

 – OK, here’s a quick word association game –

What’s your favorite product to use on yourself?Mascaranadien
Your favorite beauty product find?My favorite beauty product found is the Essence Big Lash Mascara…..it makes my small lashes longer and thicker…I really love it
Lipstick vs. Gloss? Who wins?Lipstick
Is there a current look that you hope goes away?I honestly don’t have a look that I wish that would go away
Eyebrows: threading, waxing or tweezing?Threading
Lastly, is it hard to achieve magazine photo shoot looks in real life?I do try every look that is trending and magazines looks…sometimes it works and sometimes I fail but I will try until it looks almost like a magazine