Rambi Sechoaro: I want to be more than just Bonang’s sister

Rambi Sechoaro Bonang Matheba's sister

She is a star on the rise and a businesswoman in the making.

Rambi Sechoaro half sister Bonang Matheba

Former Miss South Africa 2016 contestant Rambi Sechoaro is making her mark as a brand and refuses to ride on her older sisters’ [Bonang Matheba] fame: “I want to build my own brand and I never want to get jobs because of my half sister, I do however look up to her and respect her work ethic,” said Rambi.

Before entering Miss South Africa 2016, this 22 year old was already highly active doing charity work as well as getting local and international modeling engagements through her agency, Ice Models while juggling her Accounting Science studies at Unisa.

Rambi explains how she shares a passion for the entertainment industry just like her sister. “My sister gave me a few tips on having a thick skin in order to survive in the industry, and I have learnt a lot from her success,” she said.

Rambi says, although her and Bonang do not meet often due to hectic work schedules, when they do bump into each another, it is always pleasant.

As she gracefully shies away from her sister being the topic of discussion Rambi shares how she has received so much support from her mother and aunt and how she is planning to use her new found celebrity status to inspire people.

“The Miss SA platform and new-found celebrity status gave me a space to talk about the things that I am passionate about – modeling, children and being a businesswoman,” she added.

source: Drum magazine  / Instagram

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Thomas Mlambo chats with Sinazo Yolwa

This photo from Instagram left us speechless. When will somebody interview Sinazo Yolwa about her boobs?

It’s Wine o’clock in Monaco 🍔🍟🍷🇮🇩

A photo posted by Sinazo Yolwa (@sinazoyolwa) on

Sport @ 10 host Thomas Mlambo chats to SABC television presenter Sinazo Yolwa about her career and she thereafter braves the sport @ 10 quiz

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Jo-Ann Strauss' life threatened after Penny Sparrow debate

Former Miss South Africa, Jo-Ann Strauss has set the record straight after being trolled for her comments about the Penny Sparrow racist post.


People across the country have been left infuriated by a Facebook post by estate agent, Penny Sparrow, who referred to black people as “monkeys.” (Read more on that here)

The post, which went viral within minutes of it hitting the social media wires, has been a talking point across the country for the past few days.

Thousands of people, including high-profile celebrities and politicians have added their voice to the ongoing debate, which calls for an end to racism in the country.

Shortly after the post went viral, Jo-Ann was one of the celebrities who lent her voice to the debate.

Jo-Ann’s opinion was not welcomed by hundreds of Twitter users who dug into for the comment. The TV star faced severe backlash for the tweet with some users threatening her life and labelling her a ‘racist.’

On Wednesday morning, Jo-Ann returned to social media with a lengthy statement to explain the context of her tweet.Jo-Ann Strauss Miss South Africa Top Billing TV presenter

Here’s the full statement: 

“As a person of colour, I have faced racism during Apartheid, and unfortunately still do to this day. Each one of us experiences racism differently and deals with it in their own way. My way of processing racism has been to grow a thick skin against it, thus my response to the ?#‎PennySparrow? Facebook post.

I did not intend to trivialize the damage that the #PennySparrow Facebook post/s had caused, nor impose my approach on those who pursue a more active attitude and confront racism head on.

My tweet was not intended to condone the very hurtful and racist comments or belittle the response that followed, as I oppose any discrimination based on skin colour. I was, however, repulsed by the hatred of some people who responded to my tweet suggesting that I should be killed or should go somewhere and die.

Tweets ranged from “All you need is monkey to put a gun at the back of your ass lil madam (sic)” to “Ubhula umlilo ngo paraffin … hamba uyofa (sic”) to “SA has a place for racists, if that’s not the case then why are the likes of @chrishartZA @jo_annstrauss @pennysparrow still alive today.”

There were many tweets calling for me to be beaten up, mostly hit in the face and one which asked for me to be smeared with excrement. Those were the ones which disgusted me.

I am and always will be a proud African and South African and hold a bright candle of hope for the future of our country and have faith that we find ways to overcome our hurt and hatred.”

source: Channel24


Katlego Ncala crowned Miss Teen World in Turkey

by By Patience Bambalele

Katlego Ncala Miss Teen WorldLast weekend young Johannesburg beauty Katlego ‘Kat’ Ncala was crowned Miss Teen World in Turkey.

The 15-year-old Grade 9 pupil at Crawford College in Sandton, Johannesburg, stole the crown from under the noses of 30 other contestants from all over the world.

Her triumph gives Mzansi the distinction of being home to two world beauty queens, with Rolene Strauss winning the Miss World title in London last December. In addition to scooping the overall title, Ncala walked away with the Miss Talent title as well as Photomodel of the Globe. She wowed the judges and wooed the audience with her kwela dance moves in front of hundreds of guests at the gala dinner.

Ncala enthused: “I’m excited. It hasn’t sunk in yet that I have won. Winning the title will give me a platform to talk to the youth about peer pressure and focus on diabetic kids.” Her mother Trinity told Sowetan that following her win, Ncala is poised to be profiled in international magazines and is already working with a Bulgarian designer known as Deina, who makes clothes for her.

Trinity said all contestants were judged on behaviour, interaction with others and dress code.

“They also did a lot for photo shoots and ramp modelling, and Katlego mastered them all.

“I am overwhelmed by Katlego’s achievement. I am a proud mother who wanted to see her daughter succeeding.”

Last year, the young beauty won the Miss Teen Africa title. Her previous successes also include winning the public vote in the Face of South Africa beauty competition, also last year.

Trinity said Ncala devoted her time to her school work and her ambition was to study business at Harvard University in the US. The beauty pageant was organised by the World League of Beauty and Fashion.

source: Soweton


Rosette Mogomotsi, a black Venus for Sports Illustrated

This article is translated from the original Italian – Webmaster

Rosette Mogomotsi Sports Illustrated swimsuitFHM magazine elected “top most beautiful of Africa”. Rosette Mogomotsi thanked her supporters for voting for her in the annual list; and meanwhile conquest magazine cover. “What do you need in my job? Brains, ambition, passion and patience… crazy. obvious.

The English call it gorgeous, a term that you can hardly translate correctly: sounds like flashy, beautiful and provides a sense of soft femininity. She is the South African model Rosette Mogomotsi, now starring in a very sexy shoot for Sports Illustrated, which below we propose the backstage. Rosette, Rozzy as the newspapers call of South Africa call her, has been appointed as the “most beautiful African model” and it’s hard to disagree.

A woman soap and water that does not hide the risks of his profession: “loose morals and drug problems are two of the modeling world, but can be easily avoided if you apply the values of their parents. Every person, every woman can decide how to behave. What is really needed to break through? Brain, work, ambition, passion, patience … and of course a physical crazy. ”

Words that clash with his chat and tumultuous relationship with television presenter Andile Ncube known thanks to its dual participation in the TV show Deal or not deal in which he was one of the “valleys” that carried the suitcase (precisely the number 21) with the prize for the competitor.

Face of numerous advertising campaigns (Ponds, Triump, Foschini, Legit Clothing), some TV shows (even alongside Charlize Theron and Richard Gere) and often in the pages of Elle, Cosmopolitan and Destiny, Rosette is enjoying the success. “I love being in front of goal to do my job,” he says. “It’s great to travel, stay in hotels more beli the planet, meet colleagues and make friends, but the adrenaline of the shots is unique.” Meanwhile dreams a future of ‘international contracts and the ability to work with children and young people. I would like to return some of the luck I’ve had to the community around me. ”

In the meantime, easy see her in via Montenapoleone in Milan, elected together in London “the best shopping destination”: “Milan is so classic and sophisticated, much as London is young and” experimental “. A purchase of any city … then depends from opportunity in which to show off the head bought. ”

source: Gazzetta


Where in the world is Candice Hillebrand?

A quick look around online seems like Candice Hillebrand became a professional female wrestler in WWE! Her Twitter profile pic is not as flattering as we’ve seen before – Webmaster.

Candice Hillebrand FHM model turned rock singer Remember Candice Hillebrand from the kids show MNET’s KTV? How could you forget, she was the hottest blonde on television in 1990.

Candice attempted a singing career after leaving her innocent girly days behind her, but not before posing semi-nude in a couple of men’s magazines. She signed with South African independent record label Musketeer Records and released her debut Chasing Your Tomorrows in 2003.

“People seem to live for the future rather than for the moment,” Candice says of the title. “It’s the nature of the world we live in, work jobs we hate to buy things we don’t need.” She was always smarter than we gave her credit for being.

In 2004 Candice signed a 5 album deal with Sony UK and pulled her debut record from the shelves to re-record the album in London. Her SA manager told the press that anyone who owns the original album should hold on to it because it will soon become a “collector’s item”. There are many young boys on the East Rand still holding on to that album, don’t worry boys… it’s coming soon.

She released an international version of the album with Sony UK in 2005. Sadly the do-over didn’t do much and the album barely made an impact. And even though her singing career has failed to take off, Candice has not given up.

Candice Hillebrand Maxim magazine“My heart is drawn to different cultures, such as the Native American Indian (mainly Lakota and Hopi) and Buddhists. I think those cultures have a lot of great philosophies on living. I love song writing, yoga, rock climbing and making crystal jewellery. I love to laugh and spend time with my niece and nephew, they are such great teachers! I enjoy Hugs… big ones!!” This is how Candice describes herself on her MySpace profile.

Candice has since left the UK and is now conquering the great USA. She moved to California two years ago to pursue an acting career. Hey, if Charlize could do it…

Perhaps the move wasn’t all bad. Candice is finally using her natural talents to play the “hottest female fighting character in video game history”. She’s landed the role of Nina Williams in the movie Tekken, which is based on the popular video game of the same name.

Could this be the movie that catapults Candice into the celebrity stratosphere? We’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out. The movie is still in pre-production and will only be released later this year. But we’re holding thumbs.

source: Channel24, 2009

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Jena Dover started out in the industry as a presenter on KTV

by Elna Marais

Jena Dover KTV presenter turned actressBy the looks of things, Jena Dover was recently ‘insulted’ for her previous stint as a KTV presenter.

The lawyer, who is actively pursuing a career in modelling, recently posted on Facebook that she’s proud of her background. And she made it clear that she has nothing to be ashamed when it comes to her past.

Never usually feel the need to do this but after having it flung at me again as an “insult” (some 14 years later) let me respond with this,” she begins.

“KTV has delivered 3 Lawyers, 3 Accountants, 2 award winning Directors, 1 CNBC Asia Correspondent, 1 EWN Reporter, 1 Wallpaper Magazine Travel Editor, 2 Investment Bankers, an Academic and a number of radio and TV stars. So when you hurl “KTV” at me as if it’s an insult, understand that I will never be ashamed of a school that produced highly competent and flourishing people. That was my childhood and I spent it in the school of greatness,” she wrote.

source: You magazine


Shashi Naidoo FHM shoot photos stolen

This was posted by Shashi Naidoo on her Facebook account. I’m concerned about the implications of this for models who are not posting their photos online without consideration for similar abuse – Editor.

Apology letter to Shashi NaidooIt was brought to my attention on the 29th of November last year that my picture from an FHM shoot had been stolen from Google images and used in The Star Classifieds to advertise an escorting agency. I was highly distressed and I contacted the Star newspaper, where Barbara Hutchison from the Independent Newspapers was able to assist by removing my image and the user was banned.

Even though this was an annoyance; after receiving the official letter of apology, I really believed this was the end of this horrible ordeal.

What deeply saddens me is that no one will challenge you to your face or give you a chance to explain yourself. All the whispers are behind your back, but I have also come to realize that some people don’t want the truth; they just want a chance to add more fuel to gossip. I choose to stay away from people who spread rumors because they are choosing a path of emotional bullying and negativity. Always remember that hateful people carry rumors, fools spread them and idiots accept them.

( TShashi Naidoo FHM magazinehe Apology Letter and The image that was used)


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Shashi Naidoo’s Hippy Interview

This Shashi Naidoo interview is more like a conversation with a friend.

Fire and Ice Hotel? Well, that’s exactly the sensation I experienced when I got to the venue to meet up with one of South Africa’s hottest models. She was total fire when she walked down the staircase, smiling and greeting everyone who walked passed her, god-damn! I froze when she looked at me and asked, “Hey, are you Mpho? Live Magazine?.”

In my head my response was “In the flesh honey!!” but I composed myself, and with sheer humility replied, “Yes ma’am, that’s me.” Now that was a Fire and Ice experience without me having to book an expensive hotel room.

Shashi Naidoo, Alushi Models owner interview with Live Mag

Shashi Naidoo is a business owning, Range Rover driving, Jimmy Choo wearing, gorgeous model, TV presenter and actress, born and bred in Port Elizabeth, she later moved to Johannesburg to study Chiropractic Medicine. Beauty with brains huh? But how did she end up in entertainment and not in chiropractics?

“At the end of my period of studying Chiropractic, I realised that it wasn’t for me”, she giggled.

Oh? Okay, so how did modelling come into the equation I ask, “During that time I also got into modelling and acting, so it kinda got stuck onto me and I decided to fulfill that on a more full time basis.”

That’s when you started seeing Shashi on popular soap opera’s like Backstage, Generations and Society. She also started presenting, co-presenting shows like EMS Volume 1 and 20 Something, with ten years of experience in the modelling business, we’ve seen her grace the covers of magazines such as FHM and Cosmopolitan, to having features in People Magazine, Oprah’s O Magazine and Times Live, I mean the list is endless!

That’s not all though, Shashi Naidoo also has a very successful modelling agency called Alushi Models which she started in 2008 and has about 300 models from all over the country on its books. Alushi is the fastest growing agency in Johannesburg right now, and Shashi has even bigger plans for it, “We doing very well in the local and national scale, but obviously there is room for growth that’s why we looking at expanding into a more international scale.”

Being part of Alushi Models has become an aspiration for many young women, with Shashi getting a lot of requests from eager joiners, she’s had to refine her intake process over time, “We are very strict when it comes to our criteria, in the beginning we were more lenient than now but also with more experience I have seen what works well.”

Read the full interview with Shashi Naidoo on Live Mag website


Interview with Danicka Riehl

Danicka RiehlThis is an interview on Modellist-ID. One of my uncles told me it’s my cousin but I’ve not met her yet – RJ Thomas, webmaster.

  • Name: Danicka Riehl
  • Nationality: South African/German
  • Profession: Fashion Model and student (Bcom Economics)
  • Agencies: ICE Model Management, 1085 Artist Management & Wiener Models
  • Milestones: Schella Kahn show Vienna, Austria. Covers of Cheeky, Your Family and Wedding Collection Magazines South Africa. Miss South Africa finalist 2010.
  • Current location: Western Cape, South Africa

How did you start modeling?

‘Growing up I was always taller than the other girls at school and seeing snippets of models on runways on television I had the idea that I might fit in there. When I turned 16 I had built up the courage to find email addresses of agencies in my city which I emailed my measurements and some pictures. I was called by all of the agents but chose to go with my mother agency (ICE Model Management) and one month later I was walking in SA Fashion Week for various designers and the rest is history…’

What does your career do for you?

‘More than anything, modeling has afforded me to grow in confidence and to raise opportunities. The opportunity to travel, network and experience wonderful adventures as well as the confidence needed to grab every opportunity with both hands and bravely tackle all challenges.’

What’s your most memorable shoot?

‘FHM Barcelona. A few girls from around Europe flew in to shoot a DC Shoes/Ken Block insert, it was a great experience, an extremely fun day on the set and overall a memorable trip.’

What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?

‘MODELLIST-ID can hopefully connect models on a global platform that is safe, trusted and reliable. Allowing inside tips and advice when visiting new cities for work or just to keep updated on all industry related topics can be of great help and a very convenient tool!’

Who do you admire and would you like to meet?

‘I had the honor of attending the 2012 ‘Breaking The Mould Gala’ dinner hosted by Venus and Serena Williams and was privileged to meet many inspirational people, like business woman Jenna Clifford, who is striving to create an example of success for young women worldwide. I hope to be able to meet many similar women (and men) fitting and breaking the mold of success in their respective fields in the future.’

What’s your beauty regime?

‘Applying sun block SPF15 in the mornings and never going to bed with make-up on are regimes that are not negotiable. I exfoliate twice a week and I am using a rich moisturizing night cream before going to bed.’

What are your favorite hang out spots in the city you live in?

‘Old Biscuit mill on a Saturday morning is a firm’s favorite for Cape Town locals and seasonal models.’

What is your favorite city and where do you like to hang out there?

‘Vienna, Austria. In the summer we spend many warm afternoons at the Museums Quarter district and evenings at delectable restaurants like 4eck. Frozen yoghurt from Koert in the inner city is always a joy after castings!’

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

‘Be yourself. Create a niche according to what suits you best and strive to market yourself around those traits while testing or building your portfolio. Be consistent with your health and fitness regimes and learn to maintain a balanced lifestyle; extremes are neither physically nor emotionally healthy.’

What are your plans for the future?

‘I plan to complete my degree while hopefully having the opportunity to continue travelling for work. Modeling opens doors to the world and should always be considered as a blessing job.’

source: Modellist-ID