WE HAVE CLOSED COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE. PLEASE use our Contact Page to get help with your modelling career.

Celeste Voges modelBefore you contact our office for help, please read through every article below and on this entire page. Also read the comments from other girls who want to become a model. Make sure your you send all your measurements up front. We’ll reply back requesting two of your best photos – one full length and one close-up of your face.

Learning how to become a model is the first step in living your dreams. Every day you see fresh faces and old faces on the covers of magazines. And you may dream of seeing your own face in those magazines. Be warmed this can be a very harsh industry based only on what you look like. Be prepared for a lot of rejection and don’t give up easily.


The first step you have to take is finding a good agent. They will send you to castings, get you a portfolio and market you to clients. In South Africa Star Model Management (Tansey Coetzee, Christina Storm), Ice Model Management (Tanit Phoenix, Tatum Keshwar) and G3 (Adele Segal, Michelle Wallace) are reputable agencies. You can read through a full list of agencies on this page.

Be wary if an agency asks you to pay money to join them. When they take you on their books its because they believe you will work and make money. If they want you to pay, that may be a warning sign you cannot ignore.


After deciding which agency you’d like to go with take some photographs. These should be as natural looking photographs with your hair out of your face and as little make up as possible. Take two photos of your face, one facing the camera and one in profile. Do the same with the full length photos. The agency will let you know if you suit the look and the type of model that they have on their books. If not, don’t stress, there are a ton of other agencies to go to.

Once you hear back from the agency and are going in to meet them make sure you wear something that is flattering and comfortable. It’s best to keep it simple, jeans, a white tee and heels or wedges for girls and jeans and a white shirt for guys. Don’t feel pressure to dress up or cake your face in make up, the agency wants to see you and your natural beauty not a poppie covered in base and seven colours of makeup.


Once the agency accepts you, you will take portfolio pictures with a professional photographer, make up artist and stylist. The portfolio will show potential clients the different looks that you can pull of. We recommend that you take some good photos to send to agencies, not from your cellphone. You need something better. Please contact our office for a recommendation on a photographer in your area.


After you shoot and get pictures taken for your portfolio you will start going to see clients from magazines, agencies and start attending castings. Make sure you know the brief and stick to to it, attend the casting on time and be well presented.If you are not getting booked for jobs, its because you don’t fit the part that the client is looking for.

Decide early on what type of model you’d like to be. You can focus on commercial, ramp, lingerie. Discuss this with your agency. Also decide what you are comfortable doing and what you are not. Inform them so they are not blindsided if a job comes up that you are not interested in doing because of your religious beliefs or principles. Posing in a bikini, relaxing your hair, kissing someone are all scenarios that you may face. It’s ok to not want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, just let your agency know.


As a model, your face and body play a large role in the jobs you’re getting. Make sure you are eating healthy, working out to stay toned and looking after your skin . Being a model can be great lifestyle, very fun, exciting and allow you the opportunity to travel. It can also make you neurotic, and have self loathing issues. Think about your own personality and whether you would be despondent by rejection and constantly being judged about your looks.

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192 Responses to “Become a Model”

  1. <path_to_url> thuli thabethe

    I want to become a model but don’t have a portfolio please help

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      You must find a photographer to take some high quality photo for of your before we can consider you. Some agencies will pay for your portfolio but then they own it not you. Sign-up to Modelbase because you’ll many offers for photos from photographers who need experience.

      • <path_to_url> Jesse

        Hi am Jesse from Lagos Nigeria, am a fashion runway model. I really wish and hope to work with a good modeling agency in South Africa.. Please how can you be of help.

  2. <path_to_url> Akpunonu chinenye

    Am chinenye,i want to become a model and i know i have what it takes to become a super model am confident about that,am from nigeria. Thanks

    • <path_to_url> ayanda nela

      I’d love to join a modeling agency but I don’t know what must I do or follow to be part of any agency….and I’ve got what it takes and I’m confident…I’m from King Williams Town but currently at school in Port Elizabeth…..

      • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

        Ayanda the best thing you can is enter competitions and pageants. You need to get a basic portfolio shoot done and send the best possible photos to agencies. What experience do you have?

      • <path_to_url> Beaureen Andrews

        Hi there I’m Beaureen I’m from Jhb ,its my first time wanting to join a agency that will take me for my natural beauty I’ve never worn make-up before. I’m a little lost on getting started please help. I’m really confident and friendly.

  3. <path_to_url> nontlekeswa

    I’m a 26 year,I have my pic ready and what’s the next step to follow and which agency can I foward the pics to?

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      Please add me on Facebook so I can assist you in evaluating your photos before you submit them to an agency.

      • <path_to_url> Pamela Maseko

        ramon,can i alsoadd you on facebook?(please!)

        • <path_to_url> frans

          hi i would like to join your agency am 25 yrs old i,am tol thin skiny type a formal structure suit.

  4. <path_to_url> Julie O

    Hi, I’ve had a little experience modelling and would like to continue when I start uni in PE next month..however it doesn’t seem like there are many agencies with offices there. Are there any reputable ones you know of?

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      Julie, you must contact my friend Delon Marc who worked on Eastern Cape Fashion Week when it was hosted on the Boardwalk Casino in 2009. Anyway I suggest you do your 2nd and 3rd year studies in Cape Town or Johannesburg (better for Black girls). There is no need to stay in a city where you have limited options.

  5. <path_to_url> Charis_jansen

    Hello there!! Thank you for this webpage it has helped me a lot 🙂 but I would really like to know if you maybe can advise me to any good fashion photographers in the Pretoria or joburg area where I can have photos taken to send to agencies?

    • <path_to_url> Anonymous

      Hey Charis I work with 3 fashion photographers. Please call me on 081 4399 555 to discuss your needs before I recommend one of them.

  6. <path_to_url> Khosykelly

    hello there, am looking on getting a good fashion photographer, would kindly help please. And looking for good agancies.


  7. <path_to_url> Vovontantiso

    i would realy like to be a model. m looking for an agency at the moment if you have a spot for me, halla at m @ vovontantisoyahoo.co.za thats my email address or catch me on fb @ vuyolwethu vovo ntantiso. cheerz!

  8. <path_to_url> NematangaleRofhiwa

    hi I’m inlove with being a commercial print model,and I don’t know where to start. My email adress is.NematangaleRofhiwa@yahoo.com, or you can find me on facebook at Rofhie nematangale. It will mean a lot if I get help from you, thank u for your time.

  9. <path_to_url> Jaydeen Thompson

    Hey there , I’m a 17 year old. girl from Johannesburg, I’m turning 18 in August . I’m 179cm in height , If there is any Agency out there that can help me or who is interested please contact /Email. Jaydeen.thompson@hotmail.co.uk or Facebook as in (jaydeen kayks Thompson )

  10. <path_to_url> Mpeshbhusakwe

    Hellow. I’m a. 23 year old. Lady. I really want to be a model but I dnt now wher to start everytime when. I go to the mall people ask me if I’m a model or not ?nd when I say no they say why becouse I have that look of modelling thunkx my number is 0785178621

  11. <path_to_url> Amanda

    Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a 22 year old female from East London. I would love to do modelling but I just don’t know where to start, focusing on commercials, fashion and face modelling. Please contact me if there are any open doors: cell 073 829 9945 and email add amiah.mish@yahoo.com

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      Hi Amanda send three of your best photos to webmaster at vivadivas dot com and we’ll reply with suggestions on modelling.

  12. <path_to_url> Aletta Moholo

    Hie , I’m Aletta Moholo and i’m 19 years old ,female from South Africa ,Johannesburg .I would love to be a model but i’ve got a problem that im shy .The other thing is that i’ve got a vissible tatoo ,i dont know if they allow tatoos .Please contact me on 071 571 1334 o email on alettsmoholo@gmail.com for any information

  13. <path_to_url> caron-ann du toit

    Hey.. Just wanted to know if its also for hand modeling?if not I would do other modeling as well..

  14. <path_to_url> SIPHESIHLE

    my name is Siphesihle and im 16 of age and would like to start modling at an early age,i live in KZN.. 0722659561

  15. <path_to_url> Zamokuhle

    hi! my name is zamokuhle im 22 i would like to be a model im from KZN pleas contact me on 0834200438 il appreciate if i get your reply i need this

  16. <path_to_url> Tyler

    Hello my name is Tyler Breytenbach from Nelspruit Mpumalanga Im 14 years old, my dream is to become a model be it commercial, fashion and face modelling. Please kindly contact me via email: reception@mdesmidt.co.za or breytenbadges@vodamail.co.za. to assist me on where to begin. Thanking you kindly & Regards

  17. <path_to_url> sizalicious

    Hi! My name is sizani dyantyi am a female at the age of 22, my dream is 2 become a model, last year I enterd miss lux 2011 but things did not work out, but that did’nt discourage me in any way. I would really appreciate it if any one could help me fullfil my dream. Contact me @ 0846324243

  18. <path_to_url> likhona madikane

    My name is Likhona Madikane, I’m a 18 year old girl and would like to take on moddelling. People have been advising me to try and I finally decided to give it a try. Please call me at 0719037435 or khonamadikane@gmail.com. I’d be honered and you won’t regret it!!

  19. <path_to_url> KGOTHATSO MALEMONE

    Hi my name is kgothatso malemone I am 22 year old male and I am realy interested in modelling,everyone is advising me to participate in modelling because they believe I am gona make it and I also believe that I am south africa’next model.so how cn I start?
    My email address is kgomokgothatso@gmail.com

  20. <path_to_url> Mandy Mugibelo

    hi!m Kuda Amanda Mugibelo from Botswana aged 21 years…i am a model but i would like to take it to the next level which is being recognised by different countries.Your input and help will be much appriciated.Please contact me on mandymugibelo@yahoo.com or +26772610013.thank you

  21. <path_to_url> mpho

    Helo am a 19 year girl,modelling is my dream I love modelling with all my heart I just need an agency you can email me on mphofortunate@ovi.com or call me 0835768736

  22. <path_to_url> Chililidzi Singo

    Hi my name is T.singo I would like join your modeling agency.people have been advising me to give it a try so pls contact me on 076 0529766 I will be glad to hear from you guys.cheers

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      We decided not to open our agency and only focus on life coaching or business coaching for female models.

  23. <path_to_url> Sibiya Sbonelo

    iam sbonelo sibiya who want to become model im young south africa who is now enroll my studies in university of zululand please help my number anyone who can help me 0724245779 thank you very much

  24. <path_to_url> goodness nxumalo

    i need to be a model as soon as yesterday because i have that potential to be one and i have all the needs of being one.you can contact me at 0734328966 or email me at goodness.nxumalo@ovi.com

  25. <path_to_url> sÍnÐiswa

    I’m sindiswa really wasn’t keen on being À model duê to people making me believe I have what it takes to be one I grew fond of it please contact me on cele.sindiswa@yahoo.com

  26. <path_to_url> Tsholofelo Mndebele

    i have no idea as to where must i go or who must i contact, so i goggled and now all i knw is that ‘i need an agency’….plz if u looking for a tall, dark and Boldy 22 year old ”am your guy” 071 920 6144 Tsholofelo

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      We do not work with male models and I’ve deleted your cellphone number. Please contact an Agency in your city and make an appointment to go and see them.

  27. <path_to_url> twins

    we are identical twins ,who are tall ,dark and slender and are looking for modeling agencies , can you please help us . you can contact us at Sihlematanga@gmail.com

  28. <path_to_url> Nunz

    Hey there! My name is Nana Pooe. I would like to become a model if there’s any castings available please let me now.

  29. <path_to_url> kamogelo

    Hey I’m kamogelo a 17year old girl with a passion for modelling,if you looking for a tall , dark beauty girl… Hit me up on my email dipuomashele@mtn.blackberry.com

  30. <path_to_url> patience

    hi, my name is Agbenu from nigeria, i have passion for modelling . i can travel anywhere in the world without restriction from my parents. can cantact me thru my email agbomi14@gmail.com

  31. <path_to_url> Sena

    Hello there,

    I have been a model before til the age of about 13 when I had to pull out for personal reasons. I’m struggling now to find a suitable agency. Please do assist me. Here’s my email: 17057256@sun.ac.za
    I’m 19 and about 1,73 in height.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    My pictures are struggling to load, perhaps I can email them?


  32. <path_to_url> Christelle Du Toit

    i my name is christelle, i was in n modeling school for 4 years. i really would like to go on with modeling, but i don’t know how or where to start. can you help me please


  33. <path_to_url> Hlengiwe

    Hai there!

    I’m a 23 year old lady. I would like to persue a career in modelling but I don’t know how to go about getting an agent. And a portfolio. Please help contact me on 0799399943, Email: hlengiwe.ntshingila6@gmail.com.

    Thank you

  34. <path_to_url> Hlompho

    Hi there. . . Im Hlompho from Limpopo In Phalaborwa im intrsted in being a model and im ready please help me. . . Hlompho38@ovi.com and on facebook hlompho respect mapheth rapatsa

  35. <path_to_url> bathobile mbogazi

    Hy my name its bathobile I want to be a model but I don’t know we’re to start and I don’t have a portfolio, am tall with a good body

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      Have you read all the articles on this page? They explain what you must do clearly.

  36. <path_to_url> ayanda

    I’m 23 from durban, I want to become a model coz I have what ever it takes,

  37. <path_to_url> Emmilene dovhani

    gooday am Emmilene i so want to be a model but i dnt kne wer to start i dnt mind sending my pix ,i am dark tall and have the features of a model so am told as well…pls email me@emymusubi@webmail.co.za

  38. <path_to_url> Ros

    Hi. Is there any manner in which we can report an agency that is exploiting girls? I’m in Bloemfontein and wish to model one day (even though I might be to old at 22). There is an agency by the name of Euphoria Models that charges girls up to R8000 to join.

  39. <path_to_url> Nompumelelo

    Hi am Nompumelelo from Mpumalanga province. I am 19 years of age and I have been looking for a modelling agency since the age of 17. M light in complexion and I have all the features a model should have, please help me find a good modelling agency.

  40. <path_to_url> Thuthukani

    Thanks the advise as I wish to be a modeler and just needed a right direction to follow.

  41. <path_to_url> Lerato

    Hi my name is lerato I have a deep passion In modeling am 18yrs old.I’ve alwys wantd to be a model ever since I was a kid,plz help me out don’t know where 2 start am from Durban contact No. Is 0712983556

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      Read through all the articles on the “Becoming a Model” section. Decide what you want to focus on. Set-up a profile on Modelbase and get some local photographer to do a portfolio for you.

  42. <path_to_url> Darlene

    How much does a model who is just starting out get paid

  43. <path_to_url> i want to be a model.

    im a female age of 28 i want to be model.big dream

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      You’re too old. Most agencies won’t even look at your photos when they know your age. We can’t help you.

  44. <path_to_url> shante-nay

    Hi Good day My Names Shante-nay aged 22 years . I’m Originally frOm East LondOn currently living in johannesburg. I’m very photo-genic , I alsO have gOt a great bOdy . I’m jst nOt the cOrrect height. I look different in jst about all my pictures. I gOt hazel green eyes nd full lips. I so would love to become a model. But yet I dOn’t have any experience for it. I’m actually looking for a trustworthy agency Or company. Who can make this dream of mine a reality. Thank you

  45. <path_to_url> buyi

    I’m 21 year old female, would love to do commercial modeling

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      Please read all the articles on this section. After that stop wishing and start contacting agencies. Nothing will happen if you only chat on your cellphone about wishing to be a model. Action speaks louder than words.

  46. <path_to_url> Michelle Du toit

    Hi I’m 19 years old and really want to do modelling but only photo shoots. How can I go to work with it??

  47. <path_to_url> Lovejoy

    Hi! My name is Lovejoy from Mpumalanga, am 19, looking for a modelling agency. I think I’ve all it takes to become one. Am a guy

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      You can find a list of modelling agencies on this page. None of them are in Mpumalanga. So if you’re serious about modelling you’ll have to move to Pretoria or Joburg.

  48. <path_to_url> wendy jankie

    i wana be a model but i just don’t know how to go about it,late last year i manage to win the second phase of the face of miss signature,i believe i’ve got all most of agencies has been looking for,your help can change my life and many people’s life.i can forward my pictures for you to see what im talking about.thank for your time you can get me here 0786795839

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      You must read all the articles on this website. There’s so many under this section “Become a Model.” After that begin contacting the agencies under About.

  49. <path_to_url> khomotso

    Hi im 19years old and I love to do shooting moddling.bt dnt hv a clue where to start please help

  50. <path_to_url> mercy

    Am 22 yrs old I realy wanna do modeling, but I want u to look at my pics first and let me knw that I fit in modeling or not. Soo whr can I send them ?

  51. <path_to_url> bella

    i truely want to be a model i hav the looks and the body please help me here

  52. <path_to_url> beauty

    i would love to persue my career in modeling through out the world and i would like
    to do a fashion shows

  53. <path_to_url> Mamello motholo

    Hy m 23years old female whos interested in model bt i knw noting about it bt m realy willing to learn n make de best of out of it n i knw i hve wat it takes to be a model anykind my mobile numbers0787358095 my email meme.com50@nokiamail.com

  54. <path_to_url> Vuyo Vitonic Mncube

    Im a 21 year old male.Love modeling and fashion.Im photogenic and I would like to take modeling as a career.I dont know how to start and who to consult.I like this page because it has already given me basic information.thanks Viva Divas

  55. <path_to_url> dineo.tshongwe@yahoo.com

    Hi,am sylvia bt known as dineo.am 21 n always dreamt of becoming a model bt the thng is am short n i dont knw if de agencies wil allow me,do i hv a chance 2 become a model even though am short?

    • <path_to_url> Ramon Thomas

      Shorter girls usually focus on photographic modeling for magazines. Shashi Naidoo is about 1.65m and she was too short for Miss SA I believe. Make sure you have no skin problems in your face, and have some good photos taken.

  56. <path_to_url> dineo.tshongwe@yahoo.com

    I dont have a skin problem at all,am smooth n i’l definitely take those picture bt 2 whom should i send dem?

  57. <path_to_url> dineo.tshongwe@yahoo.com

    My facebook isnt workng at de moment sorry..i’l find a way 2 s make u cee the pictures

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      You can send your photos to r at vivadivas dot com and I’ll reply back.

  58. <path_to_url> Mansoura Husseini

    Hi my name is mansoura and I’m 22 years old female. I am so passionate about modeling but I hav some couple of marks on my leg. I’m 1.80m tall and I really need someone to push me up. I never had any experience in modeling but everywhere I go, people argue when I tell them I don’t model. When I went through your site I’m happy. Please reply me for me to see the possibilities. Thanks!

  59. <path_to_url> kathy

    Hi, i am 28. actually i live in Cameroon where i started modelling and doing it for almost 3 years now. since the industry is not developped in my country am seriously looking for an agency in south africa (capetown or johburg) but i dont know where to start from here. Please can you help me?

  60. <path_to_url> Zikhona

    Hey there my name is Zikhona, I’m a 16 year old girl from Cape Town.
    I want to start modeling at an early age, which I think is for the best_
    I have never tried modeling before, it’s something new for me but I still think I’ve got what it take to become a model.
    I’m still young, confident, light skined, and I’m skinny[Slender]

    If you can assist me in any way, May you please email me at: zeekay2380@yahoo.com or add me on facebook at: Zikhona Zee-kay Ceke.

    Thank You 🙂

  61. <path_to_url> Zikhona

    Hey there I go by the name of Zikhona, I’m a 16year old girl in Cape Town.

    I want to start modeling at an early age, I have a passion for modeling
    May you please assist me on how to get some of the best, safe agencies in Cape town please

    Email me at : zeekay2380@yahoo.com
    At any time of the day

    Thank you for your time 🙂

  62. <path_to_url> Moswane Lillian

    I’m a 20 years old girl i’m passionate with modelling but i dont have any idea i will appreciate your help,THANK YOU

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Please read the articles on this website (step 1). If you already done so, find a photographer (step 2) and do a photo shoot. Submit this to an agency (step 3). It does not get simpler than that Moswane.

  63. <path_to_url> AMANDA

    Hey am Amanda from jozi, I have been look for an agent for some years now, but nothing I have nice anyway good looking pictures. Good of face and body, I real take care of my skin. I can be the face of any brand POND’S you name it. I can send some of my pictures then you can tell me which agent to call.

  64. <path_to_url> itumeleng

    Hi I am 18 turning 19 in july female I realy want to be a model just don’t know where to start off I stay in pretoria I would realy be happy if u would help me thank u

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Hi Itumeleng, please call my office on 081 4399 555. I’ll advise you on what to do in Pretoria.

  65. <path_to_url> kurby monique

    I’m 1,5 was wondering would I be able to become a model because of my height and how do I become a model?

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      No, you will not become a model at 1.5m tall. That is even shorter than the shortest models like Shashi Naidoo. If you are serious about trying, enter some beauty pageants in your area and see if you can get to top 10 or higher positions.

  66. <path_to_url> Thando Khumalo

    Is it possible to become a model if you are a size 34? Because most agencies are always looking for size 28 or 30? If they are can you please tell me a few agencies please?

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Yes, there are many female models with 34 or bigger cup size. Look at the ones who are in Wonderbra and Woolworth lingerie.

  67. <path_to_url> Tlotlo Sebolai

    I really want to be a professional model and I do believe that I have the required qualities except that I have skin problems, acne but its not severe. Hopefully you will be able to give me facial tips in asissting me with my face so I can make it happen.

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Please check for my email Tlotlo.

  68. <path_to_url> Awesa Nyamula

    Hi,i want to be a model but i hav no experience i weigh 50kg, 1.7 height dark in complection ,i dont know where to start or do i qualify

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Hi Awesa what have you tried to become a model?

  69. <path_to_url> Kuda Amanda

    hey, thanks for this website it really helped me a lot but the thing is here in Botswana modeling is not that big, so I was really hoping you would help me.
    email mandymugibelo@yahoo.com
    cell +26772610013

  70. <path_to_url> penelope manamela

    I would like to become a model but don’t have Portfolio and I was the 1st princess of June 16 limpopo 2012 please help

  71. <path_to_url> Nokwanda Soko

    Hey I’m a 15 year old girl from Amsterdam Mpumalanga and would love to become a model 🙂

  72. <path_to_url> bathabile mphuthi

    I’m a 21 year old black girl from mpumalanga and I’d love to start a career in the modeling industry, I have no experience but I think I have what it takes. Please advice me on where to go from here

  73. <path_to_url> Adam

    Hi, my name is Adam, im a 17 year old male and would love to start modeling, im struggling to enter an agency and would really appreciate some help.

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Hi Adam. Please note we only work with female models. Please contact Modelbase for help to get your male modelling career started. Also find and meet other male models on Facebook.

  74. <path_to_url> oluchi onyekwelu

    I am 20 years old. I have model locally. I love modeling , it has always been my dream and i am looking for a good agency. I believe I’ve got a lot of promise. Please, if you guys can help me. I would appreciate it. Thanks

  75. <path_to_url> lizelle

    Hi I just wana know how can I become a model,last year I did enterd forms for a modeling place that was bast in JHB I did see there ad in the People mag,and I did sent photos of my self and the did selected me for 3 categories photographic fashion and tv advertidements film extra it was studio network modeling & casting agency I did pay for the joining fee witch was 180 rand and also dor the dvd but the only thing I did not have was the 1800 I really feel that I can do this,and can make a success of my life and make me a better person to be me,I really hope 2 hear from u,iam 28 years of age thank you Lizelle

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Hi Lizelle what exactly do you need help with? Did they try to scam you out of R1800 or what?

  76. <path_to_url> lizelle

    Well i don’t know,don’t think so,its was the last step i had 2 do,and then they wanted me 2 go there so they can take fotos of me,and get 2 know me aswell the man that i spoke to do the fotos and he did explain how things will work,but it was just i did not have the 1800 rand to do it,well i really want 2 be come a model,do care if its my face lips eyes i know i have the look,i love my face,

  77. <path_to_url> lizelle

    O yes and its my firstime of doing this i dont know where to start and how to go see,please help me,i know i can do this,i do what i have 2 do,just to live my dream to make something of my life,

  78. <path_to_url> lizelle

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes this phone of mine is messing around,like i said i dont know how do the modeling places works but i do like my face and if i can do modeling for make up or something like that or anything i will be happy,please just help me i dont know where to start,and what 2 do next,and i dont know who to go see,lizelle

  79. <path_to_url> Monalisa

    I want to become a hair or make-up model but I don’t have a portfolio and I would also like to have a agent.

  80. <path_to_url> Towela Munthali

    I am looking for someone who could give me some model coaching. How to find my best angle, posing in a swim suit, runway walking and that sort of stuff. Are there any model coaches in gauteng?

  81. <path_to_url> Thobile

    I want to be a model but I don’t have a portfolio

  82. <path_to_url> jacqueline

    Hi my name is jacqueline mabasa
    Shoe size;7
    Eye colour;black
    Hair colour; black

    I am funny , out going , confident . Friendly and creative , I am as well as very brave and I always think out side the box , the main thing is I am just different , not forgetting I am a good listener and I follow instructions . I kindly ask you. To approve my application because. , I know I am good in this and I surly won’t disappoint you …….and this would bring a good change in my life.

  83. <path_to_url> Portia

    I would like to start modelling later this year,i am 5’7 and slenda but not skinny tall and would like to do ramp,the thing is i cant find the right agency,can you please tell me how much will i pay to join star models

  84. <path_to_url> Roy

    Hi Ramon, my name is Roy. I reside in central Johannesburg, Berea area or Hillbrow. Please recommend photographers around or near my area. You may also need to know that this will be my first photo shoot as i am looking to build a portfolio and then tackle this model industry. I am ready!

  85. <path_to_url> hlengiwe makhubu

    I want to become a face,hands and foot models but I don’t have an agency and I don’t have a portfoil please help

  86. <path_to_url> cindy

    hi am a short light skinned gal and i want to be a model so i want to know if the is agencies in south africa for short models

  87. <path_to_url> Nondumiso

    Thank you for the great tips.

  88. <path_to_url> millicent

    Hi my name is millicent and I’m 16 yrs old. I would like to become a model, I really need a modelling agency that can help me achieve my dreams. Pls I really need your help. Thankyou

  89. <path_to_url> Yanela

    hy im Yanela 21yrs old. I used to model when i was a child ,nd i would lyk to join a model team bt i dnt knw hw to start or which model do i fit (note i have a little small skin problem). My cell number 0737777633 on facebook Yanela mguzulwa. Thnk u

  90. <path_to_url> Deborah

    Hi there. I have an interview with Gapa modeling agency next week Tuesday.and they said they need me to pay a fee of R500 so that I am able to get a z card.i also researched about them and they are genuine,but I’m just afraid my money could go to waste.please help.thank you

  91. <path_to_url> Khwezi

    Modeling is my passion and I think I got potential but what worries me is my height. and I dont know where to start, I know that the first thing I should do is to create a portfolio then find agencies but its not happening….

  92. <path_to_url> salome

    hi i would like to become one of the south african hot moddle but i dont have a portfolio

  93. <path_to_url> Anda Jacobs

    I’d love 2 be a model but i am staying far from the developed cities like Jhb you name them, where the agancies are. I am 19 female 5’7″ (1,70cm) hight 28-30 waist size dark in skin tone, so i was just wondering how can i get to the modeling industry i’d love to become one.

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Setup a portfolio on Modelbase.co.za

  94. <path_to_url> Jessy Mogale

    Hi I’m jessy and I have a folder full of pictures I took with a photographer and I amd looking for a modeling agency but can’t seem to get one that can represent me much. I’ve already paid an agency and its been 3 months now I’ve been waiting for my test shoot as well as casting and they still requiring for additional costs for classes which I find unnecessary to attend to and I fail to trust them too. Can you suggest something please and how I can actually get a proper agent and how to utilize my pictures into a portfolio

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Setup your own portfolio on Modelbase.co.za snd get freelance experience.

  95. <path_to_url> Kirsten Wills

    Hi there, I have been trying to get represented by a casting agency this whole year and I have tried most agencies and the all rejected me. I don’t know what else to do this is my dream and I really don’t see giving up as a option can u please suggest what I must do?

  96. <path_to_url> Chantelle Oosthuizen

    Hello, my name is Chantelle. I did get apr0ved by candice swanepoel, but did not go forth with it. My sister was a model and I really want to be one to. I do not wear a lot of make-up. So please can you help me 🙂

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      What does “approved by Candice Swanepoel” mean?

  97. <path_to_url> ELESA

    Im 26 years old,and it has always been a dream of mine to become a model,so how do i start.

  98. <path_to_url> Molly

    Hi am molly an i have been modeling around an cn u pleas help me to find ageny.am toll 1,7 cm an am thin an beautyfull

  99. <path_to_url> Ntombi Ngele

    I’m black and I have very light stretch marks on my body ,but io really love modeling .Do you think I can take part in any environment in modeling

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Please send me photos to r at vivadivas.com and I will advise you what products you can use. Where have you seen a model on a ramp or magazine with stretch marks?

  100. <path_to_url> shannen

    Hey my name is shannen, I would like to become a commercial and promotional model in South africa. I have what it takes I just don’t know where to begin. Please help! Thank you.

  101. <path_to_url> Vincent

    i am a guy 25 year old,working an interest in modeling. How can i get agencies to peruse my dreams

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      Hi Vincent, we only work with female models.

  102. <path_to_url> Courtney

    Hi im courtney a 12 year old girl from johannesburg i relay want to become a model but i cant afford it and i first need a little help walking in heels and i need to lose wait and im afraid that they wont like me because i have a lot of beauty spots

  103. <path_to_url> Gugu Mokitimi

    Hi! I’m a 21year old. I would like to join a modelling agency,preferably in East London although I don’t have a portfolio.

  104. <path_to_url> Mummy Irene Tlhabadira

    Hello, I want an Agency which will make My dreams Come True. I am Nt that 175 Tall and Don’t Have Portfolio But I. Have Lovely Clear Pictures I took. Have what It takes, Am Fashionable and Outgoing. Very much Pertionate about Modeling.

  105. <path_to_url> Nonsikelelo mchunu

    Hi i am a 22 years girl from pongola but i’m in johannesburg i would like to bd come a model but i do not know wher to start,i need your help thank you.

  106. <path_to_url> Nonsikelelo mchunu

    Hi i am a 22 years girl from pongola but i’m in johannesburg i would like to bd come a model but i do not know wher to start,i need your help on facebook @nonsikelelo mchunu thank u

  107. <path_to_url> leana efia apenreng


    please my name is LEANA am a model in GHANA and i really want to join your wonderful agency because as a model i believe in been able to work with different good agenciesaround the world. thank you (leanaapenteng@gmail.com)

  108. <path_to_url> primrose

    I v always dream of becoming a modler and I hope that one day ma dream wil cm true,I am a friendly girl who really like workng in a team work bt I don’t mind workng alone

  109. <path_to_url> Patience.makhudu

    Well my dream is to be an actress! But i can’t afford a photographer! For my profile.I really don’t know what to do!

  110. <path_to_url> charmaine

    i’ d really love to do modelling but im not sure how to go about it. I have tried different agencies around joburg but got rejected .how does one find a good agency?

    • <path_to_url> RJ Thomas

      What did the agencies tell you is the reason you were rejected?

  111. <path_to_url> Asanda Geza

    Hi, am Asanda Geza tall an dark in complection, to be a model is my dream and i know i have all characteristics, i like to join your team

  112. <path_to_url> Funekal

    I’m 17 and I would love to become a model. I live around Cape Town, and I want an agency who is going to help me with making a portfolio and working for them. Contact me at 0720654380

  113. <path_to_url> Angel

    Hi I’m Angel Dlakude I’m 20 years old I’ve got a potentials and what it takes to be a model so I’m looking for a mogelling agent but I don’t have a portforlio please help.Thank you

  114. <path_to_url> Zikhona

    I would to become a model ,the problem is i don’t have experience,i have a great body am tall and good looking

  115. <path_to_url> Palesa

    I’d really love to go back to modeling,I just need to start from scratch with a reliable good agency. Start a new portfolio aswel coz I know I got what it takes to be 1.

    What do I do? #help#

  116. <path_to_url> petunia morapeli

    I would love to become a model

  117. <path_to_url> Penelope

    I so want to be a model and im 16yrz old, i don’t have experience of modelling but i really want to be a model

  118. <path_to_url> Njengele Yandisa

    I so am looking forward on making my dream of being a model come true

  119. <path_to_url> Molefi

    I’m 26 years old. live in bloemfontein and my friends have being telling me that I should do modeling and I have all the looks.

    So I want to pursue it but I dnt hv a portfolio cn anyone help me to get a good photographer in bloemfontein region.
    Thank you

  120. <path_to_url> joan

    im 18 n would like 2 become a model

  121. <path_to_url> Omphemetse

    Hi,I’m 5″6 and I consider that short but I really wanna be a model..Do u think I stand a chance to get myself a modeling agency?

  122. <path_to_url> mpho

    Being a model is my dream, I love the camera and the camera loves me too, please help me out

  123. <path_to_url> Makatsi felleng portia

    Am currently doin grade1t this is my final year.its been lng dat i wnt 2 follow modling as my career.i got what it takes i hv been entrng buety pagent a live in small twn by the name of ficksburg in free state.this could be a life time opportunty 2 change my life.plz hlp me fnd agency dat could make me a star.

  124. <path_to_url> Khutso

    I wanna become a model-but i don’t know ma height

  125. <path_to_url> Tumelo

    Hi my name is Tumelo i am 20 yrs old from Johannesburg,my height is 1,60cm.id would love to do commercial modelling but i can’t find the right plse advise me

  126. <path_to_url> Tumelo

    Hi my name is Tumelo i am 20 yrs old from Johannesburg,my height is 1,60cm.id would love to do commercial modelling but i can’t find the right plse advise me.thank u

  127. <path_to_url> Sbusisiwe nomkhosi hlophe

    I have been looking for a right agency since i was 7 year’s old up until now..i’m willing to do what ever you tell me to do.

  128. <path_to_url> Sbusisiwe nomkhosi hlophe

    Hellow….i’m 15 year’s old.i really want to be a model but i don’t know where to start everytime when i’m with my family they asks me why i don’t join “Face of Africa”and people always ask me why am i a model or not and when i say no they ask me why i don’t join ice modelling agency…anyone who wants to help me contact me on 0718073442 and i’m from Durban at umlazi

  129. <path_to_url> Melanie

    Am 23 years old and i want to be a model how do start modeling

  130. <path_to_url> jade

    must everything about you be flawless… i have a few marks and stuff on my body is that going to affect my chances negatively???

  131. <path_to_url> Mpho

    I’m Mpho from South Africa,I’d love to have a good agency around johannesburg coz I’m from tsakani.

  132. <path_to_url> Charity sonai

    My whole life i have loved being the center of attention,and i love to be model

  133. <path_to_url> queen mopedi

    hi i would realy love to joing your agent for fashion modeling my number is 0722757610 my email is qmopedi@gmail.com

  134. <path_to_url> Deenee

    Hi, i would like to ask a question but it is a bit personal. I would appreciate it if i could get an email address to ask you.

  135. <path_to_url> Penelope

    I want to be a model but i don’t have a portfolio and im located in soweto, please help

  136. <path_to_url> xolisi mgwenya

    hi my name is xolisi mgwenya from nelspruit.im 19 yrs old…nd i realy wana model…..th problem is i dnt knw where to start abt finding an agency here in nelspruit…cn u plz help.thnx

  137. <path_to_url> senziwe mdhluli

    hi my name is senziwe 26 yrs old , i want to be a skin and hair model i am pretty short but i have great hair and flawless skin,how can i go about it please help or refer agencies to me .i am in johannesburg .thank you

  138. <path_to_url> Mbali Sobopha

    This was so helpful.. I now have full knowledge of what modelling is.

  139. <path_to_url> Gabriella

    Hi, my niece is 16 years old and has the potential to become a great model. How do i help her get started?

  140. <path_to_url> Dolly

    I really want to become a model with my heart and i have the quatity thing that model must be modeling is my life my passion i wish they will accept me plz

  141. <path_to_url> Melody Mabaso

    Hellow, I’m Melody from Durban, South Africa. I’d Love to become a model, I did model when I was young but never won anything and I never thought of modelling again. I’d like you to help me, where to start because I Love modelling and I Love taking photos. Please help.

  142. <path_to_url> lebogang dladla

    hi my name is lebogang I want to be a model, I already have a portfolio so I want to know if its ok to post my emages to every egency I come across in the net?

  143. <path_to_url> Joy

    Hi. I’m a young woman who would like to become a model… The thing is that I have a disability – my left arm is shorter than my right one. Everywhere I go I get people asking me why don’t I model because of my looks, height, body structure and how well I get photographed….
    Do u think my disability could be work for or against me in the industry? And where can I go – email through my photos?

    Kindest Regards