Modelling is a young girl’s dream. Watching elegant ladies such as Melinda Bam win Ms.South Africa in all her finery gives young ladies aspirations to be like these women on stage. They may even seek to mimic those modelling costumes, modelling gowns and modelling swimwear.

Modelling a bikini or swimwear requires that the models have flawless skin, meet the required height and other vital statistics. Swimwear modelling may not necessarily be size-specific as there are swimming clothes made for different age groups, gender or body form / figure. It is important to watch models that have succeeded in this career from Tracy McGregor, Roxy Louw and the flawless Candice Swanepoel to get an idea of the kind of confidence and posture required from a Swimsuit model in South Africa.

Candice Swanepoel is one of South Africa’s best modelling exports and regularly adorns the pages of Victoria’s secret catalogues, Candice shares the following advice ‘First and most important is find a great bikini!” Candice says. “One that suits your body type”

Beyond physical attributes, consider other aspects as poise and attitude. If you wish to take on a Bikini or Swimwear Modelling career, below are some modelling tips to move you along:

Modelling Tip #1: Be Calm, Show Confidence

When on the runway or at a studio shoot, remain cool and composed no matter the set environment. Self assurance or confidence clearly comes across while modelling. A relaxed event day means a good modelling day. No matter the aggravation, maintain self control. Quoting car enthusiast and popular model Tanya Van Graan on handling upsetting situations, … don’t express anger in any way. No amount of gestures could change a situation or teach someone about rules … I always remind myself that that person could also just be having a bad day – everyone makes mistakes and hopefully they will learn from them.”

Modelling Tip #2: Be Unique, Be Yourself

Each person is unique. Individuals have distinct personalities that appeal to particular or different audiences. So it is still best to act naturally, to be uncommon and just be yourself.

Modelling Tip #3: Focus

The exciting world of modelling is distracting. When you are in good company, you enjoy special treatment wherever you go. There may be times you are sidetracked; you may even feel you have changed (and not necessarily for the better). If this happens, go back to your roots. As known model Nonhle Thema shares, “My mother is my anchor. Whenever I start getting ahead of myself, she’s there to tell me to calm down, to not get hung-up and to just focus on what’s important.”

Modelling Tip #4: Have Fun

Modelling is hard work so find some fun doing it. There’s a lot to enjoy in the sophisticated world of modelling.

Above tips are some of many others that may be offered. Choose the ones that will work for you; choose the ones that suit your needs.