“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs… rather ask yourself what it is that makes you come alive. And then go out there and make it happen. The world needs more people that come alive.”Nonhle Thema, Model

You can make a difference in the modelling world. You can be one of those special individuals modelling products on print and TV ads or on the runway. You may be the next ‘It’ girl. How can this be done you ask? In commercial and promotional modelling, there are several factors to be considered. Bonang Matheba is one of South Africa’s most well-known promotional models and is the brand ambassador for illustrious brands such as Gert Johan Coetzee and Diva Divine. Modelling projects are based on client’s preferences; the following modelling requirements may apply:

Client’s Modelling Requirement #1: Specific Modelling Vital Statistics

A lingerie company may have a particular body type in mind for their product lines. They may require ladies of a certain height, bust size and waist line. In representing the brand, the ladies chosen may be specified for uniformity on camera or modelling down the ramp.

Client’s Modelling Requirement #2: The Look Required by the Modelling Project

Commercial or Promotional Modelling normally demands that individuals chosen perfectly characterize or embody the company, brand or product of the given target audience. For example, companies selling young, stylishly trendy bags would require ladies or gentlemen possessing the same characteristics for their modelling stints. Another example would be a company selling technology products. Their marketing group would look for models that look business savvy.

Client’s Modelling Requirement #3: The Modelling Attitude

Top Billing presenter Jeanne D at J&B Met 2009Attitude matters in or out of the modelling world. Jeannie D, Top Billing Presenter, says clearly and eloquently, “You know what, a woman can be the ugliest frump in the whole world, but if she has confidence, and she thinks that this fat ass of hers is so sexy she is going to come across as being sexy – it’s all in the attitude!!! You can also get the hottest girl in the world, and she can be the most insecure and miserable thing but she can be gorgeous! She is however not going to be considered sexy because she is biting her nails; she is not coming across with a good attitude or a good karma.”

Always keep in mind that you will be the face of a brand, therefore your attitude is paramount. As a promotional model you have to pay special attention to how you conduct yourself of Social Networks, the way you carry yourself and the way you treat people in public.

There may be other requirements that clients look for since modelling requirements vary from project to project, it follows that assigned models may change as well. Creative directions will dictate the type of modelling setup needed. So go ahead, take your chances, be enticed and join the modelling world working in the commercial or promotional field just as you desire.