How to Be a Fashion or Ramp Model

How to be a High Fashion Modeling / Ramp model

Being a high fashion model and ramp model is a combination of technicality, luck and wisdom.

There are basic requirements for being a model. Although a really small portion of the successful ones do not actually fit these requirements, such are still what almost all companies are looking for when looking to hire a person to model their products.

Parts of these technical requirements are height, measurements and weight. Models also have to have a good portfolio when applying for a job as a fashion model and/or a ramp model. Such portfolio must include an 8.5 inches by 11 inches head shots in black and white. When sending this portfolio, one must make sure she sends only the best as this will be the initial, and maybe the only, basis the hiring company has of the applying model.

It is also a good idea to go to fashion shows and be exposed to possible future clients or to people who can bring them closer to the people that can make their dreams come true. It will help to have a good network in order to eventually land a good job as a model.

When there are open calls for models, it is imperative that one attends those. These are opportunities that a model always has to take. This is where luck comes in – luck to be at the right time and place when the opportunity knocks. And when it does knock, a model had better open that door. “Take every opportunity you get, big or small and always remember, opportunity may knock but it will never beg,” this is what Shashi Naidoo, a very successful South African model, says.

Being wise also has a big role to play in being able to make it in the modeling industry. It has been heard time and again that there are models who got lured into bad vices and fatal lifestyles. This is something that does happen in the real world and one has to be wise and strong enough to make sure she is always in the right path. As Naidoo says “If this path really is your passion, don’t let anyone lead you astray.”

Above are ways on how to become a high fashion and ramp model. One has to put in mind though that if all efforts fail, modeling might not be her destiny. Just like what the South African model Nonhle Thema says, “You can’t succeed in anything if it’s not your destiny.”

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