Choosing the right photographer is like hiring the right cook. No matter how delicious the recipe is, no matter how fresh the ingredients are, if the cook is not good, all these will just come to waste. In modeling, no matter how beautiful and perfectly-shaped a model is, regardless of how well she takes pictures, if the one taking them is not good at his job, no good picture will ever turn up. Thus, the necessity of choosing the right photographer. But how does one make such selection?

The modeling industry, or generally the fashion industry, is not as big as it looks. Inside this industry, everybody knows everyone. Thus, finding photographers is not that hard. Choosing the right one, though, may be.

 Genevieve Morton has become a big name in the modeling industry in South Africa because she takes great photos which mean she is a great-looking model captured by a great photographer. One of the latest accomplishments of Genevieve Morton was being “selected as FHM Sexiest Woman of the World 2012”

 Being on top of one’s game all the time is very important. Models can easily be replaced by someone younger and more beautiful. But if one can immortalize herself through photographs compiled in a modeling portfolio then a model can have a long-lasting resume.

 Another successful model from South Africa is Bonang Matheba. Bonang realizes  that the next best thing or ‘It’ girl is always around the corner. She is constantly on her toes, making sure she remains relevant and on top of her game. This is true for all models. They have to be perfect especially in their portfolio. Bonang Matheba’s photograph’s can be seen on magazines and newstands countrywide from Elle, Vogue, to Destiny and True Love Bonang is one South Africa’s most loved cover girls and this all due to the fact that she takes great photos.

 When choosing the photographer for such, one has to choose the kind that has the same vision as hers. Having chemistry with the photographer means the model being in line with the thinking of the photographer. It is important for a model and a photographer fit each other’s goals and styles. In this way, there is harmony during the shoot, thus creating beautiful pictures.       

It is also a good idea to examine the portfolio of the photographer. This way, the model can have an idea what kind of style such photographer uses.                

 Being able to find the right photographer to create one’s portfolio is a huge step towards success. And when that destination is finally arrived at, it would be great to remain humble and grounded. Just like what Nonhle Thema said, “I’m still the same girl I was when I was 20 and entering the industry … this is an industry that can strip you of who you are. I maintain my sense of self through prayer, meditation and listening to good music. You need a spiritual core to survive in such an industry. The more I climb the career ladder, there more I fear life, and the closer I get to God.”