Entering a modeling competition requires basic qualifications. These qualifications may differ depending on what brand or company is conducting the contest. If it is a modeling competition to look for the new Face of Newscafe, then being beautiful and likeable to its market is necessary. Model searches are often a good way to gain experience and also jump start a model’s career. Model searches and competitions can be found in magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

There are however different levels of the playing field and some modeling competitions will cater for amateur models whereas others seek women with experience and a higher caliber. If it is to be one of FHM’s 100 sexiest, then being within the caliber of the girls who have posed for FHM is required.

To qualify to compete for modeling competitions, a minimum requirement of height, vital statistics, weight, etc., may be a must. To win, though, is a totally different story.


FHM or For Him Magazine often conducts a competition among models to choose the 100 sexiest for the year. In order to have a chance of winning in this kind of competition, it would be wise to look at the models who have appeared in this magazine. An example is the beautiful South African model Bonang Matheba. She has appeared on the cover of FHM. She has also been shot for the FHM VIP list, 2009’s Lingerie Special of FHM and 2011 FHM Calendar.


The editor of FHM said “Bonang encapsulates the ideal of South African beauty, as she’s young, intelligent, ambitious, beautiful and down to earth … She has such focus and drive! Her professionalism sets her apart and we’re sure our readers will get to see that there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye.” This is something that a model aspiring to be part of the FHM 100 sexiest should strive to be and have in order to have a chance in the competition.


To have the face and the body that the competition is looking for is a way to win a modeling competition. But on top of that, and probably the most important of all is to have the confidence in one’s self.


Being confident is being sure about what one can offer in the competition, believing is important. To believe that one has a shot in winning, she has to be confident that she has all what it takes to win the competition.


This is something that Tracy McGregor possesses. Tracy McGregor has been a model since she was 15. She has been on the cover of FHM many times and when she was asked in an interview if she thinks she can be competitive enough to win against all other contestants, she answered, “Absolutely.”