Runway Modelling Concerns



Runway Modelling is no easy task; each modelling job is a new challenge to take on and a chance to do well. Good modelling performance and a happy client means repeat modelling projects. Runway modelling demands this, popular models hit the right key every time, confidently strutting down the runway wearing the clothes provided without complaint.


Runway modelling projects are usually put together by designers. A fashion show may be held for the press and select clients in a posh venue. There normally would be several models handpicked for the event. There would also be many modelling details to take care of. For example, on runway modelling scene concerns, chosen models may be expected to deal with:


Runway Modelling Concern #1: Physical and Logistical Arrangements

If the event has a fabulous set or backdrop and several props onstage, models should remember where they are situated so as not to hit them while moving down the catwalk as directed. You should also be fully aware of the requirements of a job before you take it for example if you are uncomfortable with a certain style of dress or type of clothing this should be adressed prior to the show.  

Runway Modelling Concern #2: Program


Timing in a modelling event is important. Modelling call time is set and all should adhere to this. Models should be on cue, ready with costume changes every given turn to walk down the runway, just as indicated on the program. Call times can sometimes be very early involving very lengthy shows therefore it is important that a prospective model be able to manage their time well as the modelling world is small and a bad reputation can harm their career.


Runway Modelling Concern #3: Relationships

 There are often frictions on the set due to differences in opinion or other causes of heated arguments. Remember to keep your cool, to be composed in all situations. Seek to have good relations with all in the team. In a small industry, you may later be working with them again in another modelling project. Make sure that you continue to network and build relationships with people on set as well as this can open up a world of opportunity for you.

Popular model Jeannie D provides her insights, People have turned our world into something that’s easier to be slugged than it is to make a good effort, good values, good morals or good old fashioned ideas, and if people had to put those into practice, I think they would be a lot happier in their relationships.

In summary, runway modelling concerns are easily addressed if desired. So keep an open mind. The idea is to learn, and grow in the process.