Pearl Thusi Lands International Film Role

Congratulations! to actress Pearl Thusi and model Nicole Breyentenbach who have been cast in an international heist film called Blue Mauritius.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi is set to play the part of Makeda, a sexy, gun toting, motorcycle riding femme fatale, who works for a German art dealer who is also out to steal the precious stamps, which collectively holds the secret to a treasure on Mauritius. The film will be produced by New York based D Street Pictures and Cape Town’s Kaapland Films (Klein Karoo, Mooirivier). Executive produced by Dexter Davis and the American actor, rapper and presenter Nick Cannon (Chi-Raq, America’s Got Talent).

Davis had this to say about the casting. “We’re thrill to have Pearl Thusi join our incredible cast of international movie stars. Ms. Thusi is in a league of her own and a force in the South African television and film industry. The producers and I agreed that no one was better suited to play Makeda, a character that was written specifically to show the strength of a beautiful, powerful and determined woman.”

The film will be shot primarily on location in Cape Town and will feature some of the hottest spots around the Mother City. Production begins in August, with additional cities such as London, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo thrown into the mix as they’re also part of the story where other Blue Mauritius stamps are housed, but the main and most important stamp is on exhibition in a highly secured museum in the city of Cape Town.

source : Glamour , lamazingmedia


Beyonce loving MaXhosa by Laduma

MAXHOSA BY LADUMA(c) I See A Different You

Laduma’s knitwear started in 2010 with Laduma Ngxokolo’s desire to explore knitwear design solutions that would be suitable for amakrwala (Xhosa initiates). His vision was to create a modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that would be suitable for amakrwala, who are prescribed by tradition to dress up in new dignified formal clothing for six months after their manhood initiation.

Sales at MaXhosa by Laduma are about to skyrocket because the queen of everything fabulous Beyonce just gave the fashion designer behind the South African label a huge shout-out.


Late last week the Carters – Jay Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy – paid a visit to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City. The museum is noted for paying homage to historical and contemporary design.

While exploring the museum’s latest signature contemporary design exhibition series, Beyonce took a snapshot of the work of Port Elizabeth-born fashion designer Laduma Ngxokolo and shared it on her website as part of her popular ‘My Life’ diary post. Ngxokolo is renowned for his textile and knitwear creations as well as his menswear knit range inspired by traditional Xhosa beadwork – MaXhosa by Laduma.



Laduma Ngxokolo is one of Africa’s finest knitwear designer and innovator of the Xhosa (one of theSouth African dominant ethnic group) inspired knitwear brand MAXHOSA BY LADUMA.
Ngxokolo established the brand 2011 with a desire to explore knitwear design solutions that would be suitable for the amakrwala (Xhosa initiates) traditional dress. As a person who has undergone the ritual, he felt that he needed to develop a premium knitwear range that celebrates traditional Xhosa beadwork easthetics, using South African mohair and wool.
Since then, Ngxokolo has received numerous achievements and captures the hearts of many fashion lovers and media from South Africa, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Oslo, Berlin and New York. Ngxokolo recently won the 2015 Vogue Italia Scouting for Africa prize to showcase his collections at the Palazzo Morando Show in Milan, Italy. Furthermore, Ngxokolo was awarded the 2014 WeTransfer Scholarship to study masters in Material Futures at the Central St. Martins until 2016.

read more at : Sundayworld , Beyonce and MAXHOSA



maxhosa portrate

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Dawn Matthews is leaving SCANDAL

Dawn Matthews is leaving


Dawn Matthews

Dawn Matthews has done Shakira for 10 years at etv’s Scandal, and now she is bowing out! Not only is she leaving the soapie, she is also leaving South Africa, reports Drum magazine.

Dawn, who is married to American Charlie Sapadin have decided to leave SA for America, which is her husband is from.

Well, at least Dawn will still be part of Scandal . . . kind of.

“Her character, Shakira will always be a part of the Scandal! family. Also, Dawn will be documenting her happenings on her Instagram account,” said Michael Pocock from etv.

We have to say, Shakira caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people at Scandal . . . her deviousness made her one of the soapie’s favorite villain. She will be greatly missed!


A Little background on Dawn Matthews, She is a South African born actress best known for her role as Shakira on’s drama series Scandal! from 2007-2015. Born in the Karoo town of Oudtshoorn, she studied drama at Stellenbosch University and appeared in numerous television and film productions in South Africa, including Racing Stripes, Red Dust, and Snake Island. She was one of the featured celebrities on the first season of the genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? in 2009.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Charlie Sapadin

source: Drum magazine


Carmel Fisher debuts in Snare

My friend Carmel Fisher was in Durban recently for her the debut of her first leading role in a feature film, Snare. Here’s what she wrote to me recently,

“Finally, my film has a release date… I play the role of ZARA, the female lead in the highly anticipated rhino-poaching feature film, SNARE, supported by LEADSA’s ‘RAGE’ (Rhino Action Group Effort). We’ve been nominated in the Durban International Film Festival (with a special screening on 25 July) & will be releasing on National Rhino Day, 22 September 2012.”

Please assist her in spreading the word & encouraging support of NOT ONLY the film BUT the rhino debacle in general.

Carmel Fisher is a South African actress, dancer, model and television presenter best known for her role as promiscuous student Roxanne Campbell in the soapie Backstage, from 2005-2007. In 2009 she played Carmel on the soapie Rhythm City. Carmel is one of three singers in the show’s new all-girl group Sizzle.

She was a celebrity contestant on the M-Net reality competition Survivor South Africa: Maldives, in 2011. Carmel was born in Johannesburg to Desiree, a bank area-manager; and Rodney Fisher, a tradesman in the engineering field. She has an older brother, Sylvester Fisher.

She trained as a ballet dancer from age five following the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) method and completed her training up to the Elementary Grade with Spanish Dance and Modern Contemporary part of the syllabus.

Carmel attended the National School of Arts with Dance as a major and also partook in many of the school productions focussing on both dance and drama, including Dance Umbrella, Annie and Fiddler on the Roof.

However, due to a knee injury she was compelled to take a year off from dancing to recover and this lead to her changing schools.

She joined Sir John Adamson Secondary School and participated in the anti-apartheid drama piece, Makhavane, which competed against many other schools in the annual RAPPS Drama Competition, including the National School of Arts, and won in 1998.

Carmel went to RAU (now called University of Johannesburg) and completed a degree in Corporate Communication while simultaneously featuring in television commercials and theatre productions.

In 2004 she was the female winner of a competition called Backstage Superstar, which landed her a year-long role to play Roxanne Campbell in the soapie.

She had to portray a feisty, promiscuous student, and her storyline developed to her dealing with the fact that she was molested as a child and later dabbling in the destructive addiction of cocaine that nearly cost the character her life.

The producers of Backstage renewed her annual contract for three successive years, despite the fact that she only won a year-long initial contract.

Carmel also played the role of a young mother in the SABC1 youth drama series Soul Buddyz, in which her daughter died in a car accident. She had a cameo role in a film directed by Michael Raeburn called Triomf, and also starred in the kykNET drama series Kruispad, in 2008.

Carmel also models part time and has worked as a VJ for Channel O’s O-Boma, a music-video show, and presented PSL TV on Supersport. She also does various MC gigs.


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Tanit Phoenix: rising model turned actress

Written by: Refilwe Boikanyo

Tanit Phoenix model actressDurban born model turned actress stars in latest Leon Schuster movie and proves that she is not just a pretty face.

It is no secret that beauty and fame go hand in hand in Hollywood. Since the Marilyn Monroe era, some of the most successful stars on the silver screen started off as models.

The latest local star to join the sorority of models who aspire to master acting is Durban-born Tanit Phoenix. But Phoenix success has not just been thanks to beauty. She’s had to work hard.

Phoenix’s grunt work is finally paying off because she is the lead actress in Femme Fatales, a 13-part contemporary film noir series by HBO.

And, despite her growing profile in Los Angeles, when home calls, Phoenix answers. So, when Leon Schuster asked her to be the lead actress in his latest film, Mad Buddies, she agreed, without hesitation.

“I love Leon. I’ve been a fan of his candid camera work since I was six years old. And I got to know him when I played the nurse in one of his pranks on Schuks Tshabalala. He’s got his own unique brand of slapstick comedy, which South Africans respond to very well,” says Phoenix.

In Mad Buddies, she plays Kelsey de Leeuw, a conniving TV producer who manipulates enemies Boetie (Schuster) and Beast (Kenneth Nkosi) to embark on a road trip as unwitting subjects of a reality show.

On camera, with the whole of South Africa in on the joke, the pair come unstuck, until they discover they have been conned and join forces to get revenge. The 27-year-old beauty began her modelling career when she was 15 and quickly made a name for herself by starring in commercials for and then becoming the face of American Swiss Jewellery, Nivea and Alberto V05.

She moved on to being an international fashion model, walking the ramps of shows in Milan and Paris. Her transition from modelling to acting came after a film producer spotted her while she was on a photo shoot on the streets of Paris.

“He came up to me and said I should come for a casting. I’d dreamed of becoming an actress since I was six years old, but my modelling career happened to pick up first, so I agreed.

“I tried out for a female lead and I obviously didn’t get it.

“A few months later I found out that Angelina Jolie got the role and that I had auditioned for the movie Alexander.”

Soon Phoenix was being called to more auditions and she was eventually cast in her first Hollywood film. It was a brief appearance as one of Jared Leto’s girlfriends in Lord of War.

After that she continued to get cameo roles in big films like Gallowwalker starring Wesley Snipes, John Cleese’s Spud and, most recently, Safe House, which stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Phoenix admits that her pretty face has helped get her noticed more than once, but she says her commitment to the characters she plays, regardless of how small the part, is what lands her roles.

“In LA most of the girls are models or beautiful but that alone won’t get you the role, even if it is a small one. I had to show them that I was capable of delivering and eager to learn from all the established actors I was surrounded by,” says Phoenix.

‘Mad Buddies’ opens today at cinemas nationally.

source: The Times/Refilwe Boikanyo


Tanit Phoenix on the Set of Cinemax's 'Femme Fatales'

Tanit PhoenixTanit Phoenix first turned the heads of genre fans last year when she starred in Lost Boys: The Thirst and Death Race 2. But she’s since attracted a much wider audience with her role as Lilith, the hostess of Cinemax’s Friday-night anthology series Femme Fatales (which will return for 13 new second-season episodes in 2012). I had the good fortune to meet Phoenix on the Femme Fatales set earlier this summer, and the gorgeous South African native told me a little about her character, her fondness for The Twilight Zone, her upcoming dinosaur movie, and, of course, her greatest fear. Find out what Phoenix had to say after the jump.

This may be the only first-run anthology series on the air right now. But it’s also unique in that it’s the first anthology series to be hosted by a woman.

You’re right. [Laughs.]

Can you talk a little bit about that? You’re mining new territory here.

They’ve likened me to Rod Serling, which is really funny, because he’s an old dude. [Laughs.]

He’s younger than the Crypt Keeper.

Yes, he is. [Laughs.] I used to watch The Twilight Zone when I was a kid, and I very much liked it. Yeah, it’s empowering. She’s the most favored of all the Femme Fatales. She’s the hostess that knows the mostess about everything that’s going on. I find that interesting about her character, and I would love for them to explore that. Because it seems there’s so much more going on with her, and the reason why she knows everything. But they write each episode as they go. I myself don’t know where this is all leading to. But on the 13th show of the first season, Lilith unveiled herself a little more.

Do you have a favorite episode from among those that have aired?

I like the 13th episode the most, because you got to see more of who she was. It seems to me like she’s been trapping these girls to do her bidding. Again, I wish they could have explored more of that this time around. But we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

You get to explore a lot of different genres with this show – crime, horror, sci-fi. Do you have a favorite?

I like the crime stories. I’m a big fan of CSI. Actually we’re doing one next week based on that. So I’d like to explore more of that. I know that we were going into more of the fantasy-horror stuff, but they’ve pulled away from that, because I don’t think that’s the direction that they want to go in. So they’re sticking with the film noir and the crime stuff.

Do you know if, in the second season, Lilith will become a more active participant in the stories?

Should I be honest, or should I lie? [Laughs.] You see less of Lilith in each show than you did in the first season. I’m not quite sure why. She only introduces and ends the show. She has much more to say in her introductions, but the character, in each episode, they don’t explore so much anymore. I think that has to do with timing. Because I know that I’m leaving soon, so they have a certain time with me here. I’m not really sure how they’re gonna play this out. I’m set to film other stuff, so they flew me in and I’ve been here for a month, and they are pushing these episodes so much quicker than they ever have before. So I think they’re really pressed for time, and they’re trying to think of smart ways to get my stuff done so they can carry one with everything else. We’ve been pre-shooting a lot of the stuff, and they’re going to carry on with the episodes once I’ve left.

Can you say what else you’re working on now?

I just finished Safe House with Denzel Washington. I have another film called Latin Quarter based on London and Paris back in the late 1800s, about Pablo Picasso. Then I’ve got another film coming out – I can’t tell you what it is, but there are going to be a lot of dinosaurs involved. It’s an American film shooting in South Africa. It’s The Flintstones meets Clueless. It’s very funny. I was reading the script and I was quite amused.

Is it like Caveman, the Ringo Starr movie?

Everyone’s asked me that! I don’t know because I haven’t seen it. [Laughs.] But this film is a spinoff of a popular series in Britain that’s doing extremely well. So they’re making a feature film based on it.

In real life, what’s your greatest fear?

Okay, well, I was raised in airplanes. I tried to jump out when I was six years old and I had to have my foot strapped it. So I have no fear of heights. I have no fear of death, because my dad was a medic who educated me very well in spirituality and religion and how we’re all made of energy and we’re all connected and how, when we do go, we’ll go to another place and be reborn into something else. I’m not afraid of spiders. I’m a nature girl; I was raised on a farm in Africa. But I am afraid of real-life blood. If I see someone bleeding, I can’t deal with it. I don’t know how I’m going to be a mom. Because if a kid comes to me with a scratched knee I’ll be on the floor passed out. The kid will be like, “Dad, Mom’s passed out again!”

source: FEARnet


Carmel Fisher's the new Face of Diva Divine

Carmel Fischer Face of Diva Divine hair extentionsMy friend, Carmel Fisher, has appointed as the Face of Diva Divine, a leading international brand in virgin hair extensions and wigs. The company is one of a handful of hair extension companies using virgin hair, they focus on providing premium virgin hair, expert training, quality customer service and an extensive hair extension and wig product offering.

more about Carmel Fisher
Carmel starred in soaps Backstage, Rhythm City and Villa Rosa and was nominated as one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women. She also has a heart of gold and manages the Celebrity Cherubs Charity. This strong, competitive lady knows exactly what she wants in life.


Jena Dover, eTV Scandal Actress, shares Beauty Secrets

Jena Dover, eTV Scandal ActressThis is an interview with one of South Africa’s up and coming actresses. She is set to take the movie world by storm as she matures into new acting roles over time…

Anyway here’s a new interview from The Citizen newspaper…

Faatema Ismael (FI): How important is health and beauty to you?

Jena Dover (JD): I believe beauty and health are very closely linked. Getting enough rest and treating your body with respect are vital.

If you start there it can only enhance the beauty aspect. I get my favourite treatments done once a month.

FI: Most of us have days when we wake up and just don’t feel attractive.

Does this ever happen to you? If so, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

JD: Every day! To feel better, I get my eyebrows tinted and threaded, and give my lashes a quick curl with an eyelash curler.

I feel instantly glamorous.

FI: When you aren’t working or attending events, what is your beauty routine?

JD: I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and moisturiser, a little concealer, mascara and gloss.

I get a blow wave and I’m out the door.

FI: How do you keep in shape?

JD: I work out three times a week with my trainer. Women have to do weights. It’s so important!

FI: Your number one beauty secret is….

JD: Eyebrow threading. It’s an ancient Indian technique and it is by far the best money I spend on myself each month.

No more horrid tweezers.

FI: Best beauty advice you have ever received?

JD: To dab a little shimmer down the centre of my nose for a J-Lo glow. But I call it the J-Do glow!

source: The Citizen, 28 July 2008


Gina Athans’ kiss and tell with 007's Daniel Craig

Flashbacks of a Fool Daniel CraigLocal beauty Gina Athans became the envy of women around the world when she and 007 actor Daniel Craig shared a “juicy kiss” during an intimate on-screen romp.

The Johannesburg-born model ditched her squeaky clean image for the movie, Flashbacks of a Fool, sniffing cocaine and quaffing champagne as Craig’s on-screen junkie lover, Apple.

The film, which was shot around Cape Town last year, premiered in London last week.

Athans described the love scene between Craig and herself as “very, very intimate”. “We were filming and Daniel just kissed me, we never even rehearsed it … We just kind of went with the flow and did it so well that we didn’t have to redo the scene once,” she said.

The actor, who bowled audiences over as the suave super-spy James Bond in Casino Royale, took time out from filming his latest 007 movie, Quantum of Solace, to attend the movie premiere, which saw thousands of fans flock to Leicester Square.

Athans glowed in a sequenced black Diane von Furstenberg gown, and appeared in high spirits – six months after her divorce from Jordanian billionaire, Eyhab Jumean. The couple’s split was announced after Jumean was photographed frolicking with Paris Hilton on the eve of their second anniversary.

“I’m back on track and proud that I walked away with my head held high,” said Athans.

Anyway here’s the trailer for the movie: