Nelson Mandela: The stylings of an icon

South African Gavin Rajah is the only fashion designer in the world who is also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

He is the co-founder of Cape Town Fashion Week and the first South African ever invited to show at Paris Fashion Week.

Rajah talked to Al Jazeera about Nelson Mandela’s personal brand of fashion; the style that came to represent the leader’s time in the public eye; and the panache that he brought to the world of local and international politics:

“As a fledgling democracy, South Africans struggled to find an identity and a common denominator that instilled pride, hope, compassion and love. Nelson Mandela represented that new identity or search for a new world devoid from apartheid and its attendant evils.

Gavin Raja, Nelson Mandela, Naomi Campbell
Gavin Rajah (left) says Mandela knew the politics of fashion

Thus, his sense of dress was atypical and, in a way, maverick – a strong departure from other heads of state who tend to choose formal ensembles or stick to a purist path of wearing traditional dress. He elevated his style [in a way] that was akin to his politics – he chose to rather work around the context he was placed in.

His donning of the national team’s rugby jersey during the World Cup [in 1995] was in a sense more than just support for the team, he was in effect, asking South Africa to stand together and support a sport that was largely followed and played by the predominantly ‘white’ populace of the country.

It was the best example of the politics of dress.

He also, very early, started wearing less formally tailored shirts that had digitally manipulated prints which were not distinctly African in nature but at the same time not far from the typical traditional motifs and design one would find on the continent.

These [batik silk] shirts became a signature item in his wardrobe and conveyed a sense of warmth and openness in his approach to the people he met and interacted with.

In a way, looking back, his dress code typified his status of being called ‘Tata’ which literally means father – his clothes had a laid back quality and warmth often found amongst elders in rural areas in South Africa.

For the rest of his style, Madiba was a social chameleon easily adopting other cultures by wearing their traditional dress or elements thereof. It spoke of more than political pleasantries but rather was an affirmation of his ethic and what he fought for – the right to recognise the humanity in one another.

His dress sense embraced people, cultures, and instilled a sense of new hope and pride for not just people in South Africa but around the world.”

source: Al Jazeeraj


HP2-K10 Supporting MSL5000/6000 Series Libraries Certification Exam

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Bonang & DJ Euphonik Bust Up

In interviews City Press held with friends and close acquaintances of the YFM DJ and her 5FM-jock former boyfriend, it emerged the two had been having problems for some time.

One source said Matheba was “in tears” at a party a few months ago, proclaiming “DJs make rubbish boyfriends” and telling other female guests to “never date a DJ”.

According to another friend: “In December, Bonang said she had broken up with Themba because she used to come home from her trips abroad to find doeks and strands of weaves in her bed. She said she would never date a DJ again because they will ‘show you flames’ and disrespect you.”

 The two are now involved in court cases at the Randburg Magistrates’ Court.

 In early June, Matheba, 25, was allegedly beaten up by Nkosi, 28. He is reportedly facing three charges – assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, domestic violence and malicious damage to property.

Broke a window


According to reports quoting court papers, Matheba infuriated Nkosi when she went to his house in Westdene, Johannesburg, to collect her things and left without closing the gate.

He followed her to her Hyde Park complex, where he broke a window to gain access.

Heat magazine reported that Nkosi pulled Matheba’s weave, hit her with his cellphone and wrestled her to the ground. She was saved by neighbours who heard her screams and took her to hospital.


Nkosi handed himself over at the Bramley Police Station and is out on R3 000 bail.

Matheba has taken out a protection order against him.

In DRUM magazine, Matheba’s lawyer Bongani Khoza is said to have provide


d evidence that Nkosi wanted to “destroy” the presenter and FHM model.

“You and your family have made this a war and if and when it taints my brand I’m



 not going to stop until the truth comes out so maybe hire a hitman to take me out because it’s going to get real,” read an SMS Nkosi allegedly sent to Matheba.

Since the allegations came out in early June, Nkosi has seen his reputation take a knock, especially on Twitter.




Those in entertainment circles claim she cheated on Slikour with Euphonik, then cheated on Euphonik with one of her former Live colleagues as well as a Kaizer Chiefs player.

Source – City Press 



Enlightened Buddha Prayer

Beyond the beliefs of any one religion,
there is the truth of the human spirit.
Beyond the power of nations,
there is the power of the human heart.
Beyond the ordinary mind, the power of wisdom,
love, and healing energy are at work in the universe.
When we find peace within our hearts,
we contact these universal powers.
This is our only hope.

Our only hope is to find peace within our hearts.

Is finding peace within our hearts an illusion? Is finding peace within our hearts possible? If finding peace within our hearts is not an illusion, then how is it possible to find peace within our hearts?

The power of the human heart is Love.

Is the power of love in the human heart an illusion? Is the power of love in the human heart possible? If the power of love in the human heart is not an illusion, then how is the power of love in the human heart possible?

Love and healing energy are at work in the universe.

Universal power is love and healing energy.

The human spirit is truth.

The power of wisdom is beyond the ordinary mind.

What the above means is simply this:
Still your ordinary mind
Connect with the human spirit
Connect with the power of wisdom beyond.
The Universal power of love and healing energy is found all around us
Peace and love resides deep within the heart.

This is the truth.

My Truth
I have this passion for healing
I feel this deep within my Soul. I cannot escape this feeling.
When I go through my learning spurts
My bones, body and heart aches.
I cry, I wonder why?
I find the answers deep within
The aches and pains disappear.
Once again my heart is filled with love and peace.




Attached is the programme from 25 July – 31 August 2008: programme-23july-31aug08

If you would like to attend any of the Healing Modalities during the week, please call me on 021 7624005.


Zaida Ahmed


God only writes best sellers, You are the Star

Don’t say you’re not important
It simply isn’t true
The fact that you were born
Is proof God has a plan for you.

The path may seem unclear right now
But one day you will see
That all that came before
Was truly meant to be

God wrote the book that is your life
That’s all you need to know
Each day that you are living
Was written long ago

God only writes best sellers
So be proud of who you are
Your character is important
In this book you are the

Peace be upon you

I have great pleasure in sharing the above poem with you which I received many years ago. At that time I was asking the “W” questions, “Why was I born? Why am I suffering? Why is my life so difficult? Why am I always miserable, depressed, crying, Why, Why, Why?

I did not see the plan ALLAH had for me

Many years later I was guided to do Reiki, which I knew nothing about except that it is was “something of the
unknown”. After the first level, I just “knew” this was for me. I did not fear the unknown and I loved the spiritual contact. I plunged on and on ……………………………

Within a year I completed the Reiki Master/Teacher level.

Six months later, I resigned from my secure job and took another great plunge into the unknown. I wrote two big and bold affirmations (Clever Women Work From Home & World Headquarters for the Joyfully Jobless) and stuck them on a wall where I could see them all day long. I remained “Joyful” while Jobless”. I realized all that came before was truly meant to be

Nine months later I taught my first Reiki class, and in the process gave birth to my first “Reiki Babies” I AM proud of who I AM

Today, 01 April, 2008, I found the above poem. Glancing through my diary I realize, in January of the current year, 2008, I had written in big bold letters I “SHINE” ……… I AM A ……… “STAR”

Write the best seller of your life.

Be guided by Allah/God and the Power of his Spiritual Life Force energy called Reiki. YOU ARE ALL STARS


Sunflower Healing Centre launches in Cape Town

A wonderful new Meditation & Reiki healing practice in the heart of Wynberg.

You will meet new and interesting people. Perhaps even learn something new from my Presentation, which is followed by tea and cake.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Zaida Ahmed “Entrepreneur of the Soul”. This is where the most exciting journey of my life begins…

I love Sunflowers. Tall and majestic they stand, with flowers big, bright and bold. Look at us…look at us…here we are…here we are…they seem to say. Feelings of joy, peace and contentment wash over…me…I am…happy…

My Aim: “Plant a Sunflower seed in all of humanity”
My Wish:
“Humanity accepts the Sunflower seeds and waters them regularly”
My Vision:
“Watch all of humanity flourish and grow”

Sunflower Healing Centre offers you 4 Basic Healing Modalities
1. Meditation – Fly Amongst The Stars

  • Week 1:“Grounding”
  • Week 2:“Arch Angels/Malai’kats”
  • Week 3:“Healing Tool Kit”

Entrepreneurial – Dance Toward Your Dream

  • Week 1: “Inner Certainty”
  • Week 2:“Sound Massage”
  • Week 3:“Stars Across the Sky”

3. Reiki Treatments / Tuition – Reiki

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3 – Master/Teacher

Experience the Elixir of life through Mind Relaxation…So, come on, what are you waiting for? Take that first courageous step ………. RSVP 021 762 4005.

Date: Sat 4 August 2007

Time: 2.30 for 3.00pm