Carmel Fisher's the new Face of Diva Divine


Carmel Fischer Face of Diva Divine hair extentionsMy friend, Carmel Fisher, has appointed as the Face of Diva Divine, a leading international brand in virgin hair extensions and wigs. The company is one of a handful of hair extension companies using virgin hair, they focus on providing premium virgin hair, expert training, quality customer service and an extensive hair extension and wig product offering.

more about Carmel Fisher
Carmel starred in soaps Backstage, Rhythm City and Villa Rosa and was nominated as one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women. She also has a heart of gold and manages the Celebrity Cherubs Charity. This strong, competitive lady knows exactly what she wants in life.


Top black models from South Africa


Some time ago I read a feature called “our top black models” in Verve Magazine. Most of these models were in fact not from South Africa but the of Africa. Those from elsewhere include Millen Magese, Joelle Kayembe and Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi. This blog is just about the South African born black models I believe are the top talent to watch out for and maybe you can add your suggestions as a comment below.

Tanya Clark Manganyi black South African modelTanya Manganyi

Local babe Tanya Maganyi is featured as the only black model on this year Sport Illustrated SA Swimwear issue and she sizzles! The Pretoria hottie’s modelling career seems to have taken off , she is is that girl you’ve probably seen on the Ponds TV Commercials and Mag prints and Billboards across South Africa.

Rosette Mogomotsi

Rosette Mogomotsi Midrand Model23-year-old Johannesburg model Asnath Rosette Mogomotsi, or Roro as her friends call her, grew up in Midrand and is known for her role as a suitcase model in the game show Deal Or No Deal.

She has modelled in television commercials for Chicken Lickin’ and Jet Clothing. She has appeared in the magazines True Love, Elle, FHM, Babe and has modelled the Noni Gaza range for Legit Clothing. And made a big splash as the first black model in S

She’s currently studying a communication science degree and aspires to opening a home for orphans and the elderly.

There are many more beautiful black women from South Africa. On this blog we focus on models first, and the actresses and tv personalities second. So some noteworthy mentions include: Bonang Matheba, Nohle Thema and maybe Katlego Danke.


FHM Lingerie Special 2008


Maybe I’m just behind with the times. However, I recently merged my VivaDivas.com modelling industry blog with my personal blog, to bring more readers into one place. And it seems to be working. Maybe you wondering what does Ramon Thomas, a professional speaker, have to do with models or the modelling industry? One of my unknown accomplishments was being the life coach to Tatum Keshwar, Miss South Africa 2008/2009. And I’ve seen been in discussion with other like South African supermodel Tanit Phoenix, and lesser known models.

In the FHM Lingerie Special 2008, shot at Bishop’s Bay, the Vaal, South Africa. Featuring Lyndall Jarvis, Rosette Mogomotsi, Jennifer Pietersen and Catherine Reiter. So if you wanna get into FHM and believe you need some coaching. Call me on 081 4399 555 for a friendly chat.


Port Elizabeth-born Shashi Naidoo graces FHM cover


Shashi naidoo sashi naidoo fhm coverSo there FHM is, partying up a storm in Jozi with SA’s finest VIPs. Next thing, Shashi Naidoo comes over and mentions that she wouldn’t mind checking out our bedroom technique. Now don’t get us wrong, FHM has killer bedroom technique, but when a lady is that keen to work with you, it can be a tad intimidating. Fortunately we rose to the occasion, and – as you can see here – the results are as magnificently sensual and seductive as only a union of true professionals can be…

When a certified A-lister of the calibre of Sashi Naidoo invites you to her hotel room, you bring your camera – trust us. What we snapped made us put Sashi on the cover of this month’s FHM and have her headline FHM VIP List 2010, our list of the most desirable lady celebrities in the land. These are the women whose presence at an event guarantees success, glamour and media worship. And in their vanguard, Ms Sashi Naidoo: model, actress, businesswoman…


Lisa Cowley – Back Page Beauty


Lisa Cowley sunday times back page modelIce Models’ Lisa Cowley is one of South Africa’s most successful exports, is now in New York working up a storm. This girl has set the bar for fitness and boasts a body which is the envy of women around the country. Lisa has been in the industry since her teens, and has become a household name. You will have seen her in one of the many cosmopolitan lingerie editions or gracing the cover of condenast’s heavyweight publication, Gentlemans Quarterly.


Joelle Kayembe in model 'industry boycott'


joelle kayembe modelSwimsuit model Joelle Kayembe is “busting her ass” in bitterly cold London as she tries to support herself following her split from millionaire businessman Bongani Mbindwane.

The 26-year-old is struggling for money after her break-up from the CEO of mining company Platfields.

Her lawyer, Dr Nalini Maharaj, confirmed that Kayemba – who claims she is being shunned by the local industry since details of her break-up surfaced – has travelled to London to find modelling work.

Claims of physical abuse, abortion, sabotage and a pink Salvatore Ferragamo wedding gown torn to shreds emerged prior to the October 6 break-up.

The pair had a traditional ceremony in September last year, but Mbindwane disputes that they were legally married and has said they never concluded the second phase of the ceremony.

Mbindwane this week declined to comment, saying it was a private matter.

Kayembe – the first black woman to grace the cover of SA Sports Illustrated – has since been embroiled in multiple court battles with her ex.

On Friday, the High Court in Johannesburg granted a final order in her favour allowing her the right to continue living in their luxury Sandton home.

Mbindwane is forbidden from setting foot on the property.

But the victory was bitter sweet.

Earlier this week Mbindwane slapped Kayembe with a lawyer’s letter demanding that she pay back R77418 that she spent on his American Express credit card between October 13 and November 23, as well as R189131 for “maliciously” damaging his Audi R8.

The other personal belongings that he wanted her to return to him by last Friday included:

  • A platinum diamond ring valued at R289000;
  • A platinum diamond eternity ring valued at R39000;
  • R20000 in cash that Kayembe allegedly removed from the car; and
  • A Nokia cellphone, a black men’s scarf, two iPods and a digital camera.

According to the letter of demand from Mbindwane’s attorney, Sam Niselow, Kayembe had replaced the cash, cellphone and scarf with an envelope containing her hospital admission slip for an abortion.

“Your client’s conduct in doing so is malicious in the extreme and calculated to inflict maximum pain on our client,” the letter stated.

It went on to say that when Kayembe terminated her pregnancy when she was already 17 weeks into it, she contravened the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act. Maharaj said her client denied all these allegations. None of the items were returned as they will form part of the pending divorce application, she added.

“The credit card was given to her to use at her disposal, in lieu of the fact that she was to be a lady of leisure and was his bona fide wife whom he instructed not to take on modelling contracts,” Maharaj said. Responding to the demands, including the inference about an alleged illegal abortion, Kayembe told Maharaj in an SMS from London: “I was well within my rights, wasn’t I? It’s my body. I am the one busting my ass off out here in the cold (London) ‘cos no one wants to work with me back home.

“Oh, gosh, this is never going to end.”

source: Sunday Times


Tatum Keshwar on losing one crown and possibility of gaining another


by Louise McAuliffe, originally published 11 December 2009

Tatum Keshwar former miss south africa durbanOur very own precious gem, Miss Tatum Keshwar, will be representing South Africa at the Miss World 2009 pageant being held at Gallagher Estates, Johannesburg tomorrow night.

“With just one day to go before the Miss World pageant, I think that everyone in South Africa is hoping that I will take the crown. Of course there are no guarantees. I have done my best, ” said Tatum.

“In my role as Miss South Africa, I have dedicated my year to the South Africa people – this year has been about you. I have tried my hardest. My life is going to start a completely new chapter after I hand over my crown regardless of the possible outcome of the Miss World pageant,” said Keshwar.

Keshwar anticipates a lot of excitement next year. She said: “I would like to get some corporate experience, get into business and possibly a TV presenting career as well.”
Touring around the country with the Miss World contestants has been a special experience for Keshwar. “I got to see South Africa through the eyes of the contestants. Seeing their excitement at viewing all the new places was wonderful. I am now even more convinced that we have a very beautiful county that we should all be proud of.”

Keshwar was also most interested to hear the perceptions that some of the contestants had of South Africa before arriving here in Johannesburg five weeks ago. “I was fielding questions such as do you have lions in your backyard; can you keep a cub as a pet; is there still apartheid and how are people treated nowadays.”

Keshwar said that this was a wonderful opportunity for her to paint a new picture of what South Africa is like. “I highlighted the progress that we have made over the last 15 years of our democracy. The changes that have taken place and how South Africa has grown and gone from strength to strength.

“I think that now with all the ladies seeing the country they can all go home and say that South Africa is beautiful and I am sure that they will walk away from this pageant as 111 more ambassadors for our country.”

Sharing more about her fellow contestants Keshwar said: “It takes a specific personality to take part in this type of pageant and that is why there is such great camaraderie amongst all the ladies.

In mentioning some of the ladies that she has especially gelled with, Keshwar said: “Definitely my room mate Miss Jamaica plus Miss Scotland, Miss France, Miss Gibraltar – there is a huge bunch of us in our group called the ’King African Penguins’ and we have all gotten on so well.

“I must admit that the last six weeks of my reign as Miss South Africa have definitely the most hectic. It has been very demanding on my schedule to keep to my commitments as Miss SA, and making sure that the Miss World contestants have a great time whilst here.”
Keshwar admitted that her energy levels are waning with just one day left before the Miss World pageant. “But I must say that I have had a great physiological advantage with hosting the Miss World pageant, and knowing that locals would come out in their droves to support me.

“Where ever we went people came out screaming my name and that has given me the energy to go the extra mile for the duration of the pageant activities.”

source: Sowetan Online


Tanit Phoenix cracks AskMen Top99 Women


Tanit Phoenix AskMen.com Top99

Why Is She Famous?

Tanit Phoenix is the answer to one of life’s most difficult questions: Which celebrity would you most like to go naked skydiving with? A South African model and actress by trade, and a thrill-seeker off-set, Tanit Phoenix has the looks to melt you in half and the enlightened, free-spirited mind to put you back together with a smile on your face.



Tanit Phoenix is the answer to one of life’s most difficult questions: Which celebrity would you most like to go naked skydiving with? A South African model and actress by trade, and a thrill-seeker off-set, Tanit Phoenix has the looks to melt you in half and the enlightened, free-spirited mind to put you back together with a smile on your face.

Tanit Phoenix is beautiful enough to seduce at will and brawny enough to kick ass when necessary. To put it in simpler terms: She’ll own you in the bedroom, and she’ll have your back in a bar fight. After all, her name means “goddess of the love,” and she’s trained in the explosive art of Muay Thai boxing. The South African edition of FHM gave her further beauty dues by featuring her on its 100 Sexiest Women list. We must say that we agree with this selection, otherwise, she might bite our skin while we’re asleep (one of her fetishes) — not that it wouldn’t be fun.

Tanit Phoenix is not one to ignore the career benefits that nudity and steamy sex can offer. She says she’s game for nudity and a spicy sex scene, as long as it doesn’t make her look bad (that would be very difficult). Thus far, her risque career moves have included prehistoric pole dancing, strip-sky diving (don’t ask, just watch) and multiple sex scenes in the film Maya, in which she hooked up with both the male and female leads.


It takes a special kind of person to be coined “dangerously close to international stardom” at the 2005 Kay Oscars, and Tanit Phoenix fits the bill. Smart, sassy and sexy, she’s hopefully destined to follow the same career path as Charlize Theron, another South African-born beauty who started as a model. Since then, the South African editions of Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan have featured her prominently, as has Maxim (Europe), which named her as 2003’s Woman of the Year.

Also a frequent model in commercials, Tanit Phoenix has the type of beauty and on-screen charisma that keeps your attention and — gasp — leaves you in danger of buying the product. The horror! Now in the early stages of a film career, she has read lines opposite stars like Nicolas Cage and Jared Leto, while covering all of the important film genres thus far: TV series, cult comedy, crime drama, erotic thriller, and zombie horror — the last of which is Gallowwalker, in which she rubbed elbows with human box-office poison Wesley Snipes and lived to tell about it.

Get the full write-up and profile of Tanit Phoenix on AskMen.com here…