Remona Moodley to represent South Africa at Miss World pageant


Melinda Bam the reigning Miss South Africa will not be representing South Africa at the Miss World Pageant due to personal circumstances. While Melinda regrets that she will not be gracing the Miss World stage, she is working closely with Remona in preparation for the competition. ‘I want her to win, and believe she can” says the big hearted Miss South Africa.  “Melinda has taken the scary element out of the experience and replaced it with a sense of anticipation and excitement. Her advice has been invaluable,” says Remona Moodley.


Remona Moodley is no stranger to pageants and held the title of First Princess for Miss SA Teen in 2006 and was crowned Miss India South Africa in 2005. Remona is 23 years old and has an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Cape Town. This year, Remona launched the Fund-A-Dream       Foundation which aims at sourcing funding for talented young South Africans to prevent financial constraints from stifling their dreams. The campaigns include Educate-to-Motivate, Start-A-Scholarship and See-A-Need, Fill-A-Need.

The Educate-to-Motivate campaign is aimed at providing students with a complete education package. Already, six grade 12 learners from Hout Bay High have received scholarships to the total value of R25 000 and all 660 learners were given a stationery pack to kick-start their year.

The Start-A-Scholarship campaign finds companies and individuals to sponsor a young person with a specific talent or goal and the See-A-Need, Fill-A-Need campaign enables young people to promote their needs on the Fund-A-Dream website.

“Remona is a smart young woman set for success,” says Sue Klerck Sun International Resorts Executive. For a month Remona will participate in numerous activities and sightseeing events. We are delighted that fashion designer, Haroun Hansrot has agreed to design her formal evening gown.”

Durban based Haroun Hansrot is known for his fusion of Indian and Western style, and his quality and exquisite attention to detail. “His design will be a perfect foil for Remona’s exotic Indian ancestry,” says Klerck.

Sun International, the license holders of the Miss South Africa pageant, fully supports Remona in her quest to bringing home the crown. “We are extremely proud of Remona taking on this challenge and wish her success in her journey,” says Klerck

Source: MissSA.co.za


Babalwa Mneno leaves Big Brother House


SOUTH African model and businesswoman Babalwa Barbz Mneno bid farewell to her upvillle celebrity house mates when she exited the Big Brother Africa star game show. Written by Bongiwe Sithole

“I was not yet ready to leave, but an exit leads to a new entry, I hope,” she said.

“Being in the house was fantastic and also gruelling for someone like me who is addicted to a cellphone.

“I missed twitter, hanging out with friends in my salon.”

“I went into the house to re-brand my identity. People have always perceived me as an outgoing socialite. I wanted to change that from the outgoing Barbz into the woman I really am,” she said.

Barbz said she found it difficult living with different people but that she was prepared for it.

“I resigned myself to it. I thought it would be easy but it was quite difficult. I was judged for my looks first of all,” she said.

Barbz, who is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend of nine months, said: “I missed my man and for me intimacy is like Christmas.”

Barbz and Kenya’s Prezzo clashed a lot in the reality show. She described their relationship as being “beyond dislike”.

“Prezzo had been on my case from day one. I disliked how he referred to me as a barbie doll. We had many fights. What I felt was deeper than dislike.”

Barbz also believes Prezzo acted the way he did “because he had the hots for me but could not get me”.

She said relationships among house mates changed as people came and left. But she regards her friendship with Namibian Lady May and fellow South African Keagan as those worth keeping.

“I don’t know if it is worth it … but for being civil, Lady May became a friend and no doubt Keagan too.”

Barbz expressed her disappointment about Nigerian Goldie and Sierra Leon’s Zainab – whom she was once close to. Goldie became close to Barbz’s nemesis Prezzo. She also learned after her departure that Zainab intended nominating her for eviction.

She also said: “If I were to go back in the house, I would keep to people who are harmless and stay away from the back stabbers.”

Source: SowetanLive/Bongiwe Sithole


Sexiest South African Women in the World: Official Twitter Guide




FHM South Africa recently blessed us with the annual Top 100 Sexiest list.

There were several new entries and of course a few regulars. In the end, the title belonged to Suth African born, New York based model Genevieve Morton. There were many stunning South African Women on the list including models and actresses.


We felt it would only be right that we make sure you’re able to keep up with some of the most beautiful women in the country, so we compiled the official Twitter Guide to the  most beautiful South African women according to FHM South Africa, check out Part 1.


Name Rank Twitter Username
Genevieve Morton 1 @GenevieveMorton
Ana Trujic 3 @AnaTrujic
Jennifer Pietersen 5
Adele Segal 7 @AdeleSegalx
Lariza Ferreira 10
Melinda Bam 13 @Official_MissSA
Tracy McGregor 14 @TracyMcgregor
Bonang Matheba 16 @Bonang_M
Yolandi Visser 18 @DieAntwoord
Carishma Basday 19 @CarishmaBasday
Candice Swanepoel 20 @CandiceSwanepoel
Gabriella Demetriades 21 @Gabriella_Deme
Hayley Owen 24 @HayleyOwenSA
Shashi Naidoo 26 @ShashiNaidoo
Lee-Anne Summers 27 @Seasonista
Ellen Mahlangu 31 @Ellen Mahlangu
Lee-Ann Liebenberg 33 @Leeann_L
Maxzell Lerm 35 @Maxzell
Lalla Hirayama 38 @Lalla_Hirayama
Cindy Comley 39 @CindyComley
Coralie Robinson 40 @CoralieRobinson
Rizelle Applegreen 49 @RizelleA
Charne Jade Slee 52 @CharneJade
Cecelia Dohrika 54 @CeceliaDohrika

Get following and look out for Part 2!


Young South African Model to debut at Lakme Fashion Week


You might have never heard the name Jami Buleraig but the young model’s star is clearly on the rise as she will be walking

the runway in India during the winter edition of the Lakme Fashion Week. The  20 year old Jami, based in India, will make her runway debut alongside 7 other models following in the footsteps of world renowned models such as Aishwarya Rai and Lisa Ray, after being chosen by a panel of India’s leading fashion connoisseur’s during a nationwide audition. We certainly look forward to seeing more of this young lady!


Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/new-models-for-winter-edition-of-lakme-fashion-week-2012/1/201660.html


Tanit Phoenix: rising model turned actress


Written by: Refilwe Boikanyo

Tanit Phoenix model actressDurban born model turned actress stars in latest Leon Schuster movie and proves that she is not just a pretty face.

It is no secret that beauty and fame go hand in hand in Hollywood. Since the Marilyn Monroe era, some of the most successful stars on the silver screen started off as models.

The latest local star to join the sorority of models who aspire to master acting is Durban-born Tanit Phoenix. But Phoenix success has not just been thanks to beauty. She’s had to work hard.

Phoenix’s grunt work is finally paying off because she is the lead actress in Femme Fatales, a 13-part contemporary film noir series by HBO.

And, despite her growing profile in Los Angeles, when home calls, Phoenix answers. So, when Leon Schuster asked her to be the lead actress in his latest film, Mad Buddies, she agreed, without hesitation.

“I love Leon. I’ve been a fan of his candid camera work since I was six years old. And I got to know him when I played the nurse in one of his pranks on Schuks Tshabalala. He’s got his own unique brand of slapstick comedy, which South Africans respond to very well,” says Phoenix.

In Mad Buddies, she plays Kelsey de Leeuw, a conniving TV producer who manipulates enemies Boetie (Schuster) and Beast (Kenneth Nkosi) to embark on a road trip as unwitting subjects of a reality show.

On camera, with the whole of South Africa in on the joke, the pair come unstuck, until they discover they have been conned and join forces to get revenge. The 27-year-old beauty began her modelling career when she was 15 and quickly made a name for herself by starring in commercials for and then becoming the face of American Swiss Jewellery, Nivea and Alberto V05.

She moved on to being an international fashion model, walking the ramps of shows in Milan and Paris. Her transition from modelling to acting came after a film producer spotted her while she was on a photo shoot on the streets of Paris.

“He came up to me and said I should come for a casting. I’d dreamed of becoming an actress since I was six years old, but my modelling career happened to pick up first, so I agreed.

“I tried out for a female lead and I obviously didn’t get it.

“A few months later I found out that Angelina Jolie got the role and that I had auditioned for the movie Alexander.”

Soon Phoenix was being called to more auditions and she was eventually cast in her first Hollywood film. It was a brief appearance as one of Jared Leto’s girlfriends in Lord of War.

After that she continued to get cameo roles in big films like Gallowwalker starring Wesley Snipes, John Cleese’s Spud and, most recently, Safe House, which stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Phoenix admits that her pretty face has helped get her noticed more than once, but she says her commitment to the characters she plays, regardless of how small the part, is what lands her roles.

“In LA most of the girls are models or beautiful but that alone won’t get you the role, even if it is a small one. I had to show them that I was capable of delivering and eager to learn from all the established actors I was surrounded by,” says Phoenix.

‘Mad Buddies’ opens today at cinemas nationally.

source: The Times/Refilwe Boikanyo


FHM 100 Sexiest Women Launch Party


FHM South Africa recently held the launch for their prestigious ‘1oo Sexiest Women of 2012’ list at Trinity Club in Cape Town. The favourite to succeed Shashi Naidoo was Genevieve Morton, who walked away with the prize having faced stiff competition from gorgeous ladies such as Riana Roberts and Roxy Louw.


Candice Swanepoel makes Forbes Top 10


SOUTH African Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel has again made the Forbes Top 10 highest paid models list — with earnings of around 3.1-million (R26-million) over the past year.

The 23-year-old lingerie babe is the youngest model on the Forbes list – topped by supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who is the only model earning more than 10-million (R83-million) per year.

Despite Swanepoel having age on her side, she has a long road to travel to rival Bundchen’s bulging bank account balance.

Swanepoel, who was spotted eight years ago in a flea market in Durban, has been featured on the covers of glossy heavyweights such as Vogue, Elle, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and can call on Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Chanel, Diane von Furstenberg, Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier as some of her admirers. She has modelled for all of the above listed fashion heavy hitters at both of Europe’s fashion meccas Paris and Milan, and at New York Fashion Week.

Candice stayed in the same position (10th) although she did manage to make approximately $1 Million more than she did last year. You can follow Candice on twitter @AngelCandice

Source: http://www.dispatch.co.za/news/article/3556


Sabina Essa brags about bribing on Twitter


Sabina Essa arrogantly tweets about bribing JMPD officerA sexy Johannesburg model’s tweet has landed her in a spot of bother. Third-year law student Sabina Essa, 21, tweeted on Wednesday about a bribe she had paid to a Metro police officer after being pulled over for speeding.

The tweet caught the attention of corruption watchdog the Justice Project SA (JPSA), who named her their “Zero of the Week”.

Semi-nude pictures of the model – which appear on men’s magazine FHM’s website as well as on her Twitter and Facebook profile, and which were published in several national newspapers this week – have also earned her criticism.

Essa was caught out on Twitter saying: “Just got out of a R2500 fine for going 140 in a 60 zone. R30! Bwahahahaha. I love JMPD.” When a Twitter follower asked her if she had offered the bribe, her response was: “I didn’t offer; dumbass. they asked what I had, Of course, I’m gonna take the offer.”

Sabina Essa bribes traffic officers in JohannesburgHowever, Essa told the Sunday Times Extra that the “tweet was a joke blown out of proportion.  I was pulled over for not wearing my seatbealt. I just made up the story about speeding and bribery as a joke for my friends and followers, that’s all it was. I do overplay situations at times for a laugh but I was stupid to tweet about it.”

Essa said it took her a long time to convince her conservative Indian family that she knew what she was doing with her modelling career and that the incident had “shaken that foundation”.

She said while she was aware of criticism surrounding her choice to become a model, she didn’t represent any community or sector. “My commitment to academics far outweighs my modelling and I want to one day excel as a lawyer specialising in conveyancing. I do not condone corruption and this has been a painful and valuable lesson for me.”

Essa said she was offered a lucrative modelling contract in India recently, but had turned it down because she loved South Africa and wanted to complete her studies here. She warned people using social networking sites to be cautious about what they said.

“It’s happened to so many people – we all make mistakes but I’ve realised that the world is a cruel place and once you are in the public eye, you are completely alone and vulnerable.”

National chairman for the JPSA Howard Dembovsky said Essa would not be prosecuted.

“There is insufficient evidence of a crime having been committed, no matter what she tweeted. However, this is not to say that this will not return to bite her one day. Prank or not, what she tweeted has earned her publicity which will not have a positive influence on her career in law.”

He said when initially contacted about the tweet, Essa was emotional and concerned about the consequences of her actions. Faizel Suleman, chairman of the South African Muslim Network, said while Islam could not condone Essa’s revealing pictures, she could not be condemned by society.

“There are those Muslims who gamble and consume alcohol also, but that is ultimately between them and the Almighty,” he said. FHM editor Brendan Cooper said while Essa had a profile page on their website, she was not an FHM model. “The lady would have to appear in the actual magazine in order to earn that prestigious reputation,” he said.

source: ROWAN SEWCHURRAN / Sunday Times


Tanya van Graan music video: Kom Terug Na My


The stylish Tanya van Graan’s music video for the single: Kom Terug Na My. This is a real surprise to me because I never knew she recorded a single or had a voice like this. All I know is she won FHM 100 Sexiest in 2007, she got into acting in Hollywood films like Starship Troopers 3 and Death Race 2 and Death Race: Inferno.


Lizelle Tabane, the new "it" girl?

Lizelle Tabane Pretoria hot babebig boobed Lizelle Tabane, Julius Malema girlfriend

Lizelle Tabana may be the new “it” girl after the press she’s been receiving. We first heard about her after she was Julius Malema “date” at the David Mabilu’s wedding in Mauritius. This was featured on Top Billing, the closest thing to E! Entertainment in South Africa.