Shashi Naidoo: You Don't Need A Man To Achieve Your Dreams

Shashi Naidoo model entrepreneurMy model friend Shashi Naidoo gave permission to republish this from her Facebook.

Being in the entertainment industry has brought on many blessings and challenges in my life, which I am grateful for. Being a model was not something I really took much to heart. So when I started my business as a florist whilst studying to be a chiropractor, I never thought delivering flowers to an advertising agency would have such a long-term impact on my life and push me into a whole new career path.

I came across a quote by Anais Nin. She said “How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.” This quote resonated in me, because my mother and father always encouraged my sister and I to create our own futures. My Dad always reiterated how mind blowing women are; The stuff that routinely gets done to us as women would make most men curl up and die, but women turn to steel and keep on coming.

My parents did not want me to be a woman that only exists to “Live, laugh, love, be nothing but a happy cooking, shopping and cleaning machine”. My heroes growing up were Joan of Arc, Princess Leia, or women that would truly fight for something other than just their own emotions. Like men as women, we were born with dreams and qualifying those dreams brings us inner fulfillment.

I have been receiving a lot of feedback on my appearance on “Come dine with me SA” and Thank you very much for the pleasant comments. However, I found it really offensive to women the consensus that a woman cannot have a beautiful home unless she has a rich Husband/ex husband. Women have been made so accustomed to the comforts of “I cannot”, “you cant” and “it is too difficult” that we forget to realize when we stop doing things for ourselves and expect others to dance around us, that makes us weak. I just want every little girl to know that you don’t need a man to be a success, you just need a dream and lots lots of hard work!!

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Shashi Naidoo FHM shoot photos stolen

This was posted by Shashi Naidoo on her Facebook account. I’m concerned about the implications of this for models who are not posting their photos online without consideration for similar abuse – Editor.

Apology letter to Shashi NaidooIt was brought to my attention on the 29th of November last year that my picture from an FHM shoot had been stolen from Google images and used in The Star Classifieds to advertise an escorting agency. I was highly distressed and I contacted the Star newspaper, where Barbara Hutchison from the Independent Newspapers was able to assist by removing my image and the user was banned.

Even though this was an annoyance; after receiving the official letter of apology, I really believed this was the end of this horrible ordeal.

What deeply saddens me is that no one will challenge you to your face or give you a chance to explain yourself. All the whispers are behind your back, but I have also come to realize that some people don’t want the truth; they just want a chance to add more fuel to gossip. I choose to stay away from people who spread rumors because they are choosing a path of emotional bullying and negativity. Always remember that hateful people carry rumors, fools spread them and idiots accept them.

( TShashi Naidoo FHM magazinehe Apology Letter and The image that was used)


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Shashi Naidoo’s Hippy Interview

This Shashi Naidoo interview is more like a conversation with a friend.

Fire and Ice Hotel? Well, that’s exactly the sensation I experienced when I got to the venue to meet up with one of South Africa’s hottest models. She was total fire when she walked down the staircase, smiling and greeting everyone who walked passed her, god-damn! I froze when she looked at me and asked, “Hey, are you Mpho? Live Magazine?.”

In my head my response was “In the flesh honey!!” but I composed myself, and with sheer humility replied, “Yes ma’am, that’s me.” Now that was a Fire and Ice experience without me having to book an expensive hotel room.

Shashi Naidoo, Alushi Models owner interview with Live Mag

Shashi Naidoo is a business owning, Range Rover driving, Jimmy Choo wearing, gorgeous model, TV presenter and actress, born and bred in Port Elizabeth, she later moved to Johannesburg to study Chiropractic Medicine. Beauty with brains huh? But how did she end up in entertainment and not in chiropractics?

“At the end of my period of studying Chiropractic, I realised that it wasn’t for me”, she giggled.

Oh? Okay, so how did modelling come into the equation I ask, “During that time I also got into modelling and acting, so it kinda got stuck onto me and I decided to fulfill that on a more full time basis.”

That’s when you started seeing Shashi on popular soap opera’s like Backstage, Generations and Society. She also started presenting, co-presenting shows like EMS Volume 1 and 20 Something, with ten years of experience in the modelling business, we’ve seen her grace the covers of magazines such as FHM and Cosmopolitan, to having features in People Magazine, Oprah’s O Magazine and Times Live, I mean the list is endless!

That’s not all though, Shashi Naidoo also has a very successful modelling agency called Alushi Models which she started in 2008 and has about 300 models from all over the country on its books. Alushi is the fastest growing agency in Johannesburg right now, and Shashi has even bigger plans for it, “We doing very well in the local and national scale, but obviously there is room for growth that’s why we looking at expanding into a more international scale.”

Being part of Alushi Models has become an aspiration for many young women, with Shashi getting a lot of requests from eager joiners, she’s had to refine her intake process over time, “We are very strict when it comes to our criteria, in the beginning we were more lenient than now but also with more experience I have seen what works well.”

Read the full interview with Shashi Naidoo on Live Mag website


Shashi Naidoo wants kids of her own

MODEL, actress and entrepreneur Shashi Naidoo may be one of South Africa’s busiest beauties but being a brand ambassador for Cotlands children organisation has left her feeling broody.

Shashi Naidoo says work with children has inspired her. Picture by Sibusiso Msibi“You can’t help but fall in love with those kids every time you see them. I’ve reached that age where I’ve become broody,” says the 32-year-old. “I’m so ready to have children but I don’t want to be a single mom.”

Naidoo, who is back in the dating game after her failed marriage to Marc Sandler, says having a relationship in the public eye has proved challenging. “Couples have fights and break-ups and get back together again and the public think ‘why did you get back together’, but sometimes the reasons portrayed in the media are not 100% true.”

She says her failed marriage has left her more cautious.

And how does she plan to keep her current relationship out of the public eye? “I’ll tell you when I figure that out,” she laughs.

“This time I want to be 100% sure.”

Naidoo then talks about her favourite, minestrone soup, that she had earlier in the day and likens it to her eagerness to dive right into things without checking the temperature first.

“I always burn my tongue. I always jump into things right away,” she confesses. “I don’t know why, maybe it’s part of my personality.”

But Naidoo is in love and at a happier place and says matrimony will be an option again when the time is right.

“After my divorce, I was based in India for six months and wanted a spiritual retreat but I ended up working,” she says.

A day in her life sees her focussing on running her model agency Alushi, which has grown to managing 400 models in the past five years.

She also attends events and personally delivers profiles to clients.

“My clients are always shocked to see me personally arrive to deliver the profiles of my models. I guess that is what it entails when you run your own business. I’m the driver and the receptionist.

“My dream is for Alushi to be the best agency in South Africa,” she says.

Appearances at events are important for her as she uses those opportunities to promote her work with Cotlands.

“Instead of having a Twitter war with someone, I’d rather tweet about a good cause.

“Maybe after a year or two you won’t see me at events as I plan to get back to my love and passion, which is acting and presenting,” she says.

source: Sunday World


Faces of Cameroon 2012 search

Nadia van der MerweHey Guys and Girls! Going to be at JET this Saturday. You should enter!

The search to find the new Faces of Cameroon 2012 launches on Saturday 8 October at JET next to Coca Cola Dome – presented by FHM Sexiest Woman In The World 2011, Shashi Naidoo; and Cosmo Sexiest Man 2011, Gregg Hammond. Popular local & international TV star and sex symbol @Jonaid Carrera will be hosting the high-profile VIP launch event with Shashi Naidoo, exclusive to JET nightclub this Saturday, 8 October – also featuring popular local model and a recent Face of Cameroon, Nadia van der Merwe


Port Elizabeth-born Shashi Naidoo graces FHM cover

Shashi naidoo sashi naidoo fhm coverSo there FHM is, partying up a storm in Jozi with SA’s finest VIPs. Next thing, Shashi Naidoo comes over and mentions that she wouldn’t mind checking out our bedroom technique. Now don’t get us wrong, FHM has killer bedroom technique, but when a lady is that keen to work with you, it can be a tad intimidating. Fortunately we rose to the occasion, and – as you can see here – the results are as magnificently sensual and seductive as only a union of true professionals can be…

When a certified A-lister of the calibre of Sashi Naidoo invites you to her hotel room, you bring your camera – trust us. What we snapped made us put Sashi on the cover of this month’s FHM and have her headline FHM VIP List 2010, our list of the most desirable lady celebrities in the land. These are the women whose presence at an event guarantees success, glamour and media worship. And in their vanguard, Ms Sashi Naidoo: model, actress, businesswoman…


More than a million say Lyndall Jarvis is FHM Sexiest

Capetonian Lyndall Jarvis voted 2009 sexiest woman in the world FHM magazineBombshell Lyndall Jarvis once described herself as “creepy”. The 25-year-old beauty from Cape Town was actually referring to Laughing Octopus, a character based on her which features in the popular futuristic video game, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

“It’s a bit creepy! I’m a bit creepy,” she said laughing in an interview shortly after the game’s release.

But this week, Jarvis’s icy blue eyes, golden locks and famous “twins” earned her the coveted top spot in FHM magazine’s annual Sexiest Woman in the World survey. More than a million votes were cast in the local version of the poll.

She beat foxy fellow frontrunners IPL Miss Bollywood SA Gabrielle Demetriades, American actress Megan Fox, Cape surfer Roxy Louw, TV personality Shashi Naidoo and model Joelle Kayembe to the title.

Jarvis inherited the crown from her friend and fellow model, Tracy McGregor. She admitted to dancing with joy after hearing the news.

“I was ecstatic and it was the first call of the morning. What a way to start your day! I did a little happy dance in my living room,” Jarvis said.


Shashi Naidoo on the Von Vodcast

Sex Shashi Naidoo indian South African model from Port ElizabethI was playing pool at Stones in Long Street last week Saturday evening with my friend G, a graphic designer. He was showing me around the infamous Long Street with its endless string of clubs and restaurants. There was a great vibe this Stones unlike the last time in Johannesburg. Anyway here’s a her Miller campaign from about a year or two ago.

Anyway recently she was interviewed on the Von Vodcast….

She has graced our tv screens as a presenter on the 20something show. She has acted in popular local sitcom Egoli and made the FHM sexiest in the world list. Now Shashi talks to Jason von Berg about her modeling agency, drama and what it takes to make it in her industry.