Julio Iglesias and Zaida AhmedEvergreen singing legend Julio Iglesias was in South Africa for his current world tour.

Julio Iglesias is considered the most successful Latin singer ever. Garnering more than 2,600 Platinum and Gold certifications and selling over 250 million records around the world, the legendary artist has performed with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Willie Nelson. Julio is the first and only performer to receive the Diamond Record Award by the Guinness Book of World Records – for selling more records in more languages than any other artist in history. With each new release, Julio Iglesias managed to top his previous successes and, along the way, become one of the brightest and most recognizable stars in the world of popular music.

In possession of one of popular music’ great voices, Julio has crossed all barriers – even that of languages – with his electrifying series of international hits. Aside from his breakneck pace of recording, special appearances, touring, TV show and numerous awards and recognitions, Julio was also appointed as a Special Representative for the Performing Arts, a title he holds to this day. He points out that UNICEF supplies an outlet for him to impact the lives of so many he is otherwise unable to reach. “The world has given so much, it’s important to give something back”, he says.

With the release of his first English-language album in more than 12 years – Romantic Classic – Julio Iglesias continues to bring us new ways of looking at and dealing with romance, while also continuing to perform hundreds of concerts in multiple languages around the world.