Tracy McGregor FHMCrowned FHM Sexiest Woman in South Africa 2008, Tracy McGregor graces the cover of the August issue of the magazine, which comes with a free FHM digital magazine and Tri-Nations fixture list. The issue is on sale now and features more pictures of Tracy.


From the FHM website: LADIES AND GENTLEMAN: HERE SHE IS… Tracy McGregor! Officially FHM’s Sexiest Woman in South Africa as voted by our loyal readers. Men! We’ve done well. As you will see by this shoot, she most certainly is hotter than the the tar on the major arterial road going through Timbuktu. And that’s hot. According to one website: The Sahara is one of the hottest places on Earth. Temperatures there may rise to 136 F (57.7 C). Yup, Tracy McGregor is at least that hot. In fact, if you put her in space she could be like another sun. We could have two suns. One called sun and the other called Tracy McGregor, and FHM would suntan naked in her awesome rays!