The Model Millions SABC3 weekly South African reality tv showThe weakening Rand and global economic downturn has contributed to further delays in the production of local reality TV series The Model Millions. The series will be taking a two week broadcast hiatus as it repositions itself to cope with the ever-fluctuating exchange rates.

According to Wayne Kyle, Executive Producer for The Model Millions, the sudden fall in the value of the Rand has had an impact of over R9m on the budget of the series and forced the producers to scramble to hedge the series’ finances and raise additional sponsorships. “As recently as last week we lost a major funding source from the United States as a result of the economic chaos in that country. Luckily we have managed to secure additional sponsorships and hedge our international transactions but it has unfortunately impacted on the production and put us behind on deliverables to the SABC.” explains Kyle. We have been forced to request some changes to the schedule from the SABC to accommodate the production timelines in the form of a two-week break in broadcast. This will allow us time to get things back on-track and running smoothly, Kyle added.

This means that the next time that viewers will be able to see the local series is the 19th of November. There will be no broadcast of the series on the 5th or 12th of November as SABC3 brings viewers the scheduled cricket action in the Model Millions slot on Wednesday nights. But Kyle has promised to keep viewers constantly updated via SABC3, the Model Millions website and their Facebook Group. “We’re not going anywhere”, Kyle says. “We are determined to bring the South African public the full series even if it means that it will only end in January. We have had great support from the models, hosts, presenters, crew and the viewers and look forward to delivering an even bigger and better series in November. We will also spend this time implementing changes to the series based on viewer feedback including possible revisions to the competition mechanic.”


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