Sam Greyvenstein FHM Model, salon ownerEvery now and then I do an interview with a male or female celebrity. In fact I have two more in the pipeline that will be published before end of Feb. This month I would like to introduce model Sam Greyvenstein. She is also a fitness fanatic who spends 5 days a week in the gym and the owner of Lime Skin & Body salon in Broadacres, Fourways. Sam is a top 10 finalist for the FHM Models 2009 competition. Be sure to register on the FHM website and vote for her on a daily basis.

Anyway here’s my first interview with Sam Greyvenstein for 2009…

[RT] Sam, please tell my readers what is your claim to fame?

[SG] Haha until I have paparazzi knocking at my door, I cant claim that one 🙂

[RT] What has been your biggest inspiration in your life so far?

[SG] I don’t have one source of inspiration, I try and draw in from different people in my life, each one has different strengths.

[RT] What are you biggest goals for the next 5 years?

[SG] My biggest goals are for my business to grow, grow in the sense that it will offer various others services and become more of a group, having a hair division, fitness division and nutrition division. I would also like to be as successful as possible in my modelling, especially as it has a limited life span.

[RT] How do you look after yourself, beauty wise, health wise, mental stimulation, etc?

Sam Greyvenstein interview with blogger Ramon Thomas[SG] Well, seeing as I own a beauty salon I think we have the skin care covered 😉 I use Babor skin care products. I am a very active person and try to gym at least 5 times per week, mixing cardio and toning. My time in the gym is also my time to reflect, I do most of my thinking in the gym. I don’t follow any particular eating plan or diet, but I believe in the “everything in moderation” rule! I don’t deny myself anything…. and I have quite a sweet tooth 😉

[RT] What is your current relationship status …and why or how do you like it?

[SG] I have a boyfriend whom I’ve been with for 3 years. I am very much a relationship person, I don’t like being single. Being in a relationship is fun! I love having someone to come home to every night 😉

[RT] What do you find most attractive in a man and why?

[SG] I find a sense of humour, eyes and hands are what attract me to a man most! A sense of humour is important because with out it, life would be very dull. Eyes are important as I can tell a lot about a person by just looking at their eyes, and hands because well manicured hands are a sign that a man takes good care of himself.

[RT] On the other hand, what turns you off the most?

[SG] Dirty hands, smoking and acting like a jock!

[RT] What do you think about opposites attract?

[SG] I think its true to a certain degree, but i think there needs to be some similar qualities, otherwise it wont work.

[RT] What do you think about love at first sight?

[SG] I don’t believe in that. I believe in “lust” at first sight.

[RT] How do you, as a woman, get what you want in a relationship?

[SG] Well communication is key! I would say that I’m fairly low maintenance, so for me, as long as I get food when I want it, im happy 😉 I LIVE for food!

[RT] What’s the worst pick-up line that’s ever been used on you and how did you respond?

I get the, “you have such beautiful eyes” one all the time! Then they start asking if they are contacts so they can touch my face! I just turn around and walk away…..

[RT] What’s the most embarrassing date you’ve ever been on?

FHM model Sam Greyvenstein interview[SG] I was still in my teens and it wasn’t really the date, it was what happened before the date! My dad is a cook and in the winter he had decided to experiment with some cured meats, leg of pork etc. So being Joburg in winter, it was quite cold, so my dad decided to hang everything in the garage above the cars like a washing line. My date arrived to pick me up and the garage door had not been closed…. don’t want to know what he thought of me after that?!

[RT] How do men react when you’re alone vs. when you’re in a group setting?

[SG] I don’t really get people approaching me when I’m on my own.

[RT] How has the feminist revolution affected life for women in the 21st century?

[SG] No comment.

[RT] What kind of relationship issues do you and your girlfriends discuss most often?

[SG] Its never anything in particular, it usually just whatever problem that particular couple is facing at that time. Most of the time its just bad patches, where there is a lot of bickering.

[RT] What suggestions do you have for women listening?

[SG] If you are having problems in your relationship, you HAVE to talk about them. Best thing to do is sit down and talk things through, if you ignore them they will only get worse.

[RT] How should men approach a woman like yourself?

[SG] Just be yourself, don’t try and impress me with rubbish!

[RT] What do you think of Speed Dating and would you ever try it?

[SG] No don’t fancy the idea, wouldn’t try it.

[RT] What do you think of Online Dating and would you ever try it?

[SG] Not for me either.

[RT] What is your idea of the ideal first date?

[SG] Like I said I’m pretty simple, so as long as there is a nice atmosphere, and good food I’m happy 😉