Bonang Matheba FHM cover girl | YFMThe latest column by my friend, the irreverent, Khaya Dlanga, entitled “I’m Nonhle Thema, Bitch!” is bound to raise eyebrows. It prompted me to write this blog because it’s been on a my mind for a while i.e. a comparison between the who black celebs.

For a long time I’ve been connected to Nonhle Thema on Twitter, and her Facebook. We’ve never met but we’ve interacted a little bit on the social networks. Currently Nonhle has 46,445 followers on her Twitter account. On the other hand Bonang Matheba has 65,767 followers on her Twitter. Now on Facebook it looks even more dramatic because Nonhle Thema page only has 28,456 Likes, while Bonang’s page has a spectacular 202,778 LIKES.

These two are both television stars – meaning they are famous for being famous. Neither has won any beauty pageants, neither has won any acting awards. They host tv shows for God sake. Both have been featured in FHM South Africa. And it’s here where Bonang seems to have pulled ahead by getting the first cover shoot.

From everything I’ve noticed it seems Bonang has the more down to earth appeal of the masses. Nonhle’s constant rants on Twitter e.g. “I dare any broke yfm dj to step up to me…if you are broke sit down or i wll give you rent and food money….LOL.” This is a reference to Bonang who’s been a YFM DJ for a while now.

We cast our vote for Bonang for maintaining her sense of cool on all the meaningless curfullel online.