Ramon Thomas interviews model Jenelle Joan Ramsami

Jenelle Ramsami deaf model Durban Vivadivas.com

1. What can your story, your claim to fame?

I do think my story is very unique because apart from being Indian, there are many obstacles I faced along my journey to fame. Being hearing impaired made me strive harder because I had to have a certain amount of positives. In my story I always made people understand where I came from and my passion to succeed because as much for me as well my fans.

2. What event changed your life forever?

Being an introvert I didn’t realise I would compete for many pageants (Miss Deaf SA finalist 2009/2010), awarded for Fresh Look for Miss India SA KZN 2010, top 5 and miss photogenic 2011 for Xtreme search Models 2011, also being an ambassador for LifeSound and House Of Tai Tei Lija (cosmetics). I say being in FHM Top 100 2012 was the cream of the crop for me because since my mentor/my inspiration Adele Segal challenged me to overcome my fears. Being the first hearing impaired selected in FHM and FHM is a dream come true.

3. If we were meeting here, 3 years from today, in October 2014, looking back over your life; what has happened for you to feel happy with your progress?

God has always been favourable to me, I think being in my position, any woman would be ecstatic, not many people have a chance to be challenged and each time you came up shinning. I think my story should prove that I had overcome and three years from now, the face that someone heard my story and they was inspired, I think for me that is my reason for being content.

4. What is your favourite food, and how do you prepare that?

My favourite food is Lime and coriander prawns


  • 1 kg prawns cleaned
  • 1 unit lime cut into wedges
  • 1 unit coriander fresh to garnish
  • Marinade the prawns for 30 minutes in the Nando’s lime and coriander marinade
  • Grill the prawns until the flesh turns white and the meat is cooked.
  • Serve immediately garnished with fresh lime wedges and coriander.

5. How do you look after your mind, body and spirit?

I believe I have faced many challenges, without a sound mind I would have not made it thus far. I think positive, I read a lot, when I am in a sauna I feel renewed. I go to the gym, I think working out is most invigorating, it is time out from my hectic life. I feed my spirit with wisdom; I get from reading my bible etc. I am very thankful to God because He is my refuge when I am down.

6. What has been your best relationship and why?

I must be honest I have a Fiancé. I have not been in a serious relationship, this is my first. He is my inspiration; he honours me by being a gentleman. He supported me and put me first always. I sometimes feel I have to pinch myself to feel if it is real!

Jenelle Ramsami deaf model Durban Vivadivas.com7. What is the key to happiness in your personal relationships?

I strongly believe it based on trust, we confide in each other. In my opinion when a girl feels loved, she blooms like a flower. He helps me overcome my fears, he is funny, we both accentuate each other life by just being kind and never ending the day without saying we love each other.

8. What do you find most attractive in the opposite sex, and why?

I think a man with a shy smile, and sometimes you will see that he teases you with his eye, I call that ‘the smiling eyes’. I also love a guy that is quite soft spoken and has an ego that matches his personality. I love a guy who is a metro sexual, someone who looks like Channing Tatum. (hehe)

9. What do you say about “love at first sight”?

I do believe some people fall in love instantly. Personally I think I would prefer to meet a guy, get to know him because I believe one day is a big price to pay for a life time with a person who can turn out to be a monster.

10. How do you, as a woman, get what you want in a relationship?

I believe wanting is selfish, sharing each other’s lives as though we are one as a union, of understanding our fault and failures, and giving your all in a relationship so that your partner will appreciate your worth and give you the best.

11. What is the worst pick-up line used on you and how did you respond?

The term “You’re Hot and Beautiful”, you have sexy legs etc”, “I love you to meet my mom”. Even though I can’t hear much, I lip-read or see the expression on their face and I smile and understand any guy will be guys, so I pretended I’m cool.

12. Who is the funniest person you have ever met?

I think my late teacher who was the funniest guy ever. I could not keep a straight face without laughing.

Jenelle Ramsami deaf model Durban Vivadivas.com13. How do men react when you are alone vs. when you are with your friends, like your girlfriends?

In my experience some men tend to be shy when I am alone, I feel they have a problem starting a conversation, when I am in a crowd with friends, they are a bit loud.

14. How has feminism affected life for women in the 21st century?

I think a little has changed regarding this many things are still taboo. I think women are afraid of certain things. It is regarded as woman should know their place, also it’s not like the 60’s any more and woman have freedom of speech and what men can do… woman can do better.

15. What relationship issues your girlfriends discuss most often?

My girlfriends and I mainly talk about relationship advice, things about marriage, guys, commitment, sex, love life, future plans, success, goals in life, helping each other cope with break up’s and make up’s.

16. What suggestions do you have for a woman who wants success in her career AND relationship?

Be true to yourself, be positive, always keep a clear mind and don’t stress. Be goal driven and with a strong will power, your career will surely kick off. Relationship wise – be faithful and love your man, and the rest is self explanatory because it’s not rocket science.

17. What is the best way to celebrate your achievements?

I would love to be doing work with DTV (Deaf TV). Being featured on a talk show, I love to have a talk show, I love to have a major show for all girls who wanted to be a catwalk model/model that didn’t had the opportunity, above all I love to go to Rome and model and also see some romantic spots.

18. How do you find your biggest passion?

Due to my impairment, I would say that life was a challenge. I had to try harder at everything I did my passion and zeal to get to where I am. I think being ambitious about life and always standing my ground and not let anyone bring me down.

19. What can we expect from you over the next 12 months?

I would say I am thankful for my success and I believe the sky is the limit. I am the brand ambassador/face for Indian ethic for Durban for Ambassador for House of Tai Tei Lija (“REMEMBER OUR NAME” – a cosmetic company from Johannesburg). I am also hoping to be in top 20/top 10 in FHM MODELS 2012 and my greatest joy will be being featured in a calendar or their magazine. I also think your positive exposure will be beneficial for me.

20. What can my blog readers help you with?

Your blog readers can help me by votes, gain more popularity and also I would like them to visit my FHM profile.

Since I am in FHM top 100 2012, get them to vote for me as much as they can to get me in top 20/top10 by sms vote MODEL 33 to 33441 or visit my fhm profile to vote online, and also vote for me next year for world sexiest fhm 2012.

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