Zwelakhe Shangase, life style reporterby Zwelakhe Shangase

It feels so good to be back in this space after a few weeks of silence and I have to say that I have missed the Joburg social scene.

Last weekend was by far the busiest for me and I found myself wishing I could just hide away in a dark place and let it all pass.

The one event that got me excited was South African Fashion Week (SAFW) with the autumn/winter collections for 2013. As usual, fashionistas and wannabes come out to play with their fake smiles and air kisses aplenty, not leaving out the gossip and the plotting behind people’s backs.

I still believe that I am not qualified enough to stand on a pedestal and rubbish or praise someone’s range, although my work requires me to. But it always amazes me when you come across a random person who shouts halfway across the room with a pseudo accent praising everyone, but afterwards gossips in small circles.

Anyway, SAFW was worth it this time around, the collections that I saw – which came out yesterday in Woza Life – were absolutely on point. Although I had an issue with Brenda Madumise of the Lyric Clothing range who said that she was inspired by the fashion sense of the late icon Miriam Makeba. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to chat to her, but I really tried to visualise the fallen icon in the range and I didn’t see it.

Kudos has to go to my fellow Durbanite Andre Martin and his über-cool autumn/winter Life range that sent many crazy. Maybe “crazy” is a slight exaggeration but the dude was under pressure to perform, to stamp his authority and signify his official return to the game after years of silence.

I remember during my varsity days where I’d go to the Musgrave Centre where he had a store and I’d wish for a shirt, top or a pair of jeans from Life. I honestly think that the burgeoning fashion industry in Durban can learn a lot from Martin.

The Jameson opening party was also something to talk about this year even though I didn’t really like the venue. It’s amazing how the organisers manage to pull together almost all South African celebrities under one roof and the groupies get a chance to do what they do best.

The venue in Marlboro was filled with a lot of air kisses, fake smiles and a whole lot of Irish whiskey being gulped down.

Personalities like Bonang Matheba, Nicole Flint, Shashi Naidoo, Kgomotso Christopher, Ty Keogh and even Francois Hougaard were jamming the night away. Other familiar faces included Dineo Moeketsi, Lalla Hiramaya, Babalwa Mneno, Marissa Drummond, Donald Moatshe and others who are always at these events.

Moving to rather unsavoury moments on Wednesday, I spent half of my day at Avastar nightclub because of improper planning.

We were told to be there because American rapper, Eve, 33, was doing media interviews but when we got there, she was leaving. I kept my cool but I didn’t appreciate the run around that we were given.

Anyway, I am going to take out all my frustrations tonight on the dance floor at Avastar when she performs before heading to Durban for her concert. We’ll be painting the town pink but if you’re not going to be at the pride, then catch The New Age on Monday for all the details, otherwise follow me on Twitter @zwelakhes

source: The New Age Online