Tanit Phoenix in stockingsSupermodel Tanit Phoenix talks to The Big Issue about racing cars, being a tomboy, and starring in Death Race: Inferno.

The title of the new film you’re in – Death Race: Inferno – probably sums everything up quite nicely, but where does the film pick up the continuing Death Race saga?

Should I give it all away? I don’t want to give it all away if people haven’t seen it. Frankenstein, obviously he was burnt in the second film so we don’t really know if he survived and we’re all racing for our lives, basically. I wasn’t able to go to the première in Los Angeles, so if there are any questions about the entire film, I can’t answer…

Do you want me to tell you what happens?

No, I know what happens.

He wins. Frankenstein wins. All the drivers are macho guys with an exotic female navigator. Is that because women aren’t good drivers in general?

I think that’s nonsense. But I guess they wanted some pretty girls in the cars next to the guys. Although in this film you have a female team. There is a blonde Swedish team racing. That was really cool.

They don’t do very well though…

No, they don’t. I was upset that I didn’t get to race. I said: “I want to drive this time round – give me the keys to the car!” But they wouldn’t have it.

Would you beat all the guys if you were racing?

Absolutely. My father used to race cars. I like racing, too. But I get to do some action-packed cool stuff – you see me climbing out of the car and shooting a Gatling gun at some of the other cars. I can handle myself pretty well.

Racing and fighting aren’t things you automatically associate with a supermodel.

This is something that people don’t know. My boyfriend [District 9 star Sharlto Copley] takes me to the firing range, where I shoot a lot of different types of guns. It’s really awesome to be able to handle such a powerful tool – and very scary at the same time. You need to have respect for what you’re doing because you could really hurt somebody.

So you’re a better driver than the rest of the cast and better with guns as well…

If you put me on a track I have no fear, that’s the problem. It’s all second nature to me. I’m really a tomboy underneath it all.

source: The Big Issue magazine