Lalla Hirayama tv presenter Japanese Asian modelMy inspiration comes from within. My dreams and what I want motivate and inspire me.

Health and wellness is that fundamental element in life that allows you to live fully.

The secret to doing so much at my age? There is no secret. I was ambitious from a young age. As I kid, I wanted to do everything, and I have achieved that. I was blessed to have parents who supported me.

I’m a gym bunny. If I have the time, I’ll run into a yoga class. I’ll also do a few at-home exercises, but I’m looking at taking my fitness plan outdoors for 2013.

I have struggled with bad skin most of my life. Finally my skin has cleared, so I take really good care of it. I drink a lot of water, eat healthily and use the right products. I visit my dermatologist for peels every so often, and I always take off my make-up before bedtime. Making sure I get enough rest is also vital.

To empower women is to give us the opportunity to stand strong on our own, speak with our own voices and be respected as equals next to any other in the workplace, society and in the home. I will never be fully empowered as long as the women around me are oppressed.

The secret to my success is my unshakable drive and an incredible support structure.

source: Longevity magazine