The HP2-K10: Supporting MSL5000 and MSL6000 is a 1 hour and 15 minute certification exam that is comprised of 60 questions. The exam requires a passing score of 71%, which are 43 of the questions to receive the certification. The exam covers four key topics. Those four key topics include: Describe fundamental MSL5000/ MSL6000 Series Library Storage technologies, Describe the features and benefits of HP Storage Works subsystems and components, implementation methodologies, restrictions and limitations, Perform MSL5000/MSL6000 installation, configuration and u[grade procedures and lastly, Perform troubleshooting, repair and replacement procedures.

In preparation for exam HP2-K10, the prerequisite training includes: HP Storage Works MSL5000 and MSL6000 Series Library Service and Support WBT and also, HP Storage Works Tape Technologies & Standalone Tape Drive Service and Support WBT. Information on how to register for these exam preparation materials can be provided by the candidate’s regional websites. The candidate should refer there for the information. In addition, it is highly recommended that the candidate has a substantial amount of hands-on training in the subject area before the exam is even taken. Along with the prerequisite training, the candidate can use documentation online provided. However, it is not required by the candidate to do so.