by Elna Marais

Jena Dover KTV presenter turned actressBy the looks of things, Jena Dover was recently ‘insulted’ for her previous stint as a KTV presenter.

The lawyer, who is actively pursuing a career in modelling, recently posted on Facebook that she’s proud of her background. And she made it clear that she has nothing to be ashamed when it comes to her past.

Never usually feel the need to do this but after having it flung at me again as an “insult” (some 14 years later) let me respond with this,” she begins.

“KTV has delivered 3 Lawyers, 3 Accountants, 2 award winning Directors, 1 CNBC Asia Correspondent, 1 EWN Reporter, 1 Wallpaper Magazine Travel Editor, 2 Investment Bankers, an Academic and a number of radio and TV stars. So when you hurl “KTV” at me as if it’s an insult, understand that I will never be ashamed of a school that produced highly competent and flourishing people. That was my childhood and I spent it in the school of greatness,” she wrote.

source: You magazine